Steralising equipement

Hey is anyone still steralising baby bottles,etc because i havent done so scince lo s been crawling.She s always picking toys and other things and putting them into her mouth now and pluss with all her jabs up to date her imune system must be working hard.With solid i go through so many spoons and bowls i just cant be bothered and pluss i wouldnt mind the extra space on the work top without the steam sterilisor (im spelling it wrong arent i ?)


  • i was wondering this today about steralising, i still steralise bottle outta habbit but was wonder if i still needed to. Need to buy some new bottles then i dont think i will bother, just need to give them a nice wash i guess with the amount of things my LO finds about im sure an unstaralised bottle is the least of my worries lol
  • this is what 'they' say
    "It is certainly necessary to sterilise bottle-feeding equipment for at least your child's first year. Although you may think sterilising is rather pointless when your baby is putting all sorts in his mouth, an infant's immune system is still immature and susceptible to infection between the ages of six and twelve months and the bugs that stick to milk curds in partially-cleansed bottles can be particularly nasty. By the time your baby is one year old she has started to produce her own antibodies and is more resistant to harmful germs. However, it's a good idea to carry on sterilising bottles, dummies and teats until your child stops using them."
  • I know in Australia the Chn say dont bother to only wash in hot soapy water and rinse well
  • I only sterilise things that have been in contact with milk - so only bottles, and only when they have had milk in them, not water. So I never sterilise weaning stuff or dummies (used to sterilise dummies religiously but stopped at 6 months).
  • we still sterilise bottles but all william's bowls etc get put through dishwasher
  • Like others, I'm sterilising bottles for milk and also the mini bottles for his mini gaviscon (just because the steriliser is out on the counter so it's just as easy to chuck them in with the other bottles). His doidy cups and dishes just go in the dishwasher.

    I am using Milton spray on his highchair after every meal though
  • Thanks for all the feedback everyone ,very helpfull indeed ,i think that i should carry on sterilising,thanks to wonderlandgirls info id better keep those milk bugs off my babies bottles,will wait till she s one
  • We sterilise bottles for milk, but nothing else. The tray off her highchair goes through the dishwasher after most meals and her plates, cups etc also go through.

    One thing I don't do though, and I know I should, is to wash her hands before her eats, as she has a lot of finger food. I just seem to only remember once she's already started eating - hopeless I know.
  • Don't worry mrs_ed I am absolutely hopeless at remembering to wash Toby's hands as well, and aside from a few breakfasts that are spoonfed he ONLY eats finger food. I always wash them after but for some reason I always forget to do them before!!
  • oh i never wash hands - how naughty and other day it was my toddler who said we should as he does everytime with childminder - whoops!!!!

    i steralise bottles and will until just before 1 - then as using dr brown bottles and have so many parts i will buy a couple of just normal bottles and he will start on cows milk (hopefully he will take it ok as older one hated it until 14months when i just refussed to buy anymore formula!) dont steralise dummies, bowls etc just clean highchair top with my kitchen detol cleaner...

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