George has just gone onto stage 2 nappies, we have tried huggies, pampers and tesco n sainsburies own. We use sainsburies own as they seem to be doing a good enough job of keeping him dry and they're relatively cheap.

Are we all on stage 2 nappies now? What brand are you finding suits baby best?



  • No we're still on size 1 but Bethan was born small anyway. We've liked all we've used but found huggies and pampers generally smaller. We use mostly asda ones, sometimes tesco, depending on where we've done our shop!

    C & Bethan 10wks
  • No I've been on size 3 for a few weeks now and am looking to move up again as LO is approaching 14lb and these are starting to leak!

    I'm devasted that new baby only go to size 3 and think my baby boy is growing up too quickly LOL! Question is, where do you go next? I've bought pampers baby dry and pampers active fit but don't really know what the difference is. Trial and error I suppose.
  • Hey hon
    Oliver is around 12.5lb now and is still in size 2 Huggies. He is due to go up in th enext week or so as they supposedly only going to 13lb but they still fit perfectly so think i'm going to keep him in them until they don't fit. I guess the weight is only a guide anyway?

    Oh Lawso - I hate seeing Oliver growing out of clothes etc, my baby is growing up!!! Did you know straight away when he needed to go up a size? He's doesn't leak but if your LO is 14lb and going up to size 4 and my lo is 12.5 and in size 2's still? I guess it's different body shapes too?
    Have you tried the Huggies superdry? I have those for size 3 (tesco's baby event was great) and apparently they are excellent. Like you say it's trial and error but nappies are soooe xpensive you dont' want to spend ??5 on a pack to use 1 and then chuck the rest ! I think you should be allowed a couple to try of each of the own brands. Do you have a big tesco's near you? At mine they offer their nappies in the change unit for free and these were really similar to pampers
  • we've tried the tesco own ones and thought they were a bit crap. we prefer pampers and william's in size 2. we have about 1.5 packs left then we've got 2 packs of size 3 that we are going to move in to - dirt cheap at asda baby event
  • Harley is in size 2 huggies newborn at the moment, our first pack of huggies as i usually use pampers new baby but had some vouchers to use up for huggies. I find huggies pretty good and they seem to have reduced the amount of poo leakage we seem to have every morning which on pampers we had an explosion every day all in his sleepsuit (not pretty lol), although i think pampers handles wetness slightly better, i would use them both though as i think they are both good quality.

    Dannii and Harley, 9 weeks. x
  • EmmaH - the only way I knew he was ready to move up is because I started to get leaks and I read this was the reason. Weight is only a guide and I think if they still do the job, no need to replace them just yet. Haven't tried huggies, I'm sticking with pampers as they seem to have done a good job with the exception of a few leaks but he's never been sore with them.

    Strange though how new baby sizes fit a small weight range, e.g. 9-13lb but yet the baby dry and active fit have a much wider range of 9lb-20lb. Can't really work that one out myself!
  • Lizzie is now in size 2 but has only been for a week and she is 12lb 6! only put her in size 2's as we had ran out of size 1's and thought, why not try them, they still seem big on her but they dont leak so we are keeping to size 2's!
    oh we use pampers as i dont like huggies nappies or wipes, they nappies leak and the wipes break as you try and get them out the bloody packet!! :lol:
  • I use pampers sensitive wipes but I really dont like the nappies! I always get poo leaks like danni but I find that huggies keep everything in unless its a real 'explosion' lol

    I do find it quite hard to get huggies though and have had to buy pamper on a few occaisions and what REAAAAAAAAAAAALY irks me is that Costco dont stock nappies under stage 3 (aaaaaargh) which means I have to buy them in small frustating!!

    Grant is round 13lbs now and im still on stage 2...I want to move up but im sick of leaks and washing as its staining all his little outfits but I am getting little light marks as if hes growing out image wont be able to hold out much longer I dont think!
  • I use either pampers or huggies. I find own brands less flexible and they cut into Oskars chubby legs. Ido prefer huggies as they seem to hold in more. I also find that pampers seem to have a disgusting smell when they are wet.
    When it comes to the bigger ones I will def be using huggies super dry - my ds1 has had these all the way through and still uses them at night. They hold an incredible amount. I only had 1 problem with them 6 months ago - emailed to complain and they admitted a problem and have since redesigned them giving me 300nappies of the new ones to try for free - still using the freebies now for night but i still find them the best.

    I have just noticed at the bottom of the screen I am all alone - how sad am I on here at 3am while giving oskar his night feed (refused to sleep very long tonight
  • Thanks Lawso, we don't get any leaks or anything so i presume it's ok, when I run out of size 2's (still have abuot 5 packs) then i'll move up. It is strange like you say that they cover such a small range when they are small. I looked at teh size 3's and they cover from 9-20lb, surely they are going to fit babies differently if they are 9 or 20lb!!!
    Thanks again.xx
  • Oh PRincess i'm with you on Costco nappies! I actually want him to go in size 3's once the 2's are used up as it's only ??20 for 198 huggies superdry nappies! Thats about a month's worth!
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