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  • Another update from me, this is the girls at 12 weeks



  • awww shes a sweetie, what lucious lips!!
  • Hope this works image

    Joshua on the night that he was born.!/photo.php?fbid=193402944004825&set=t.755333597&theater

    And at 1 month and 5 days!/photo.php?fbid=10150095714118598&set=t.755333597&theater

  • Lovely pic's ladies, I don't know how to load pic's unfortunatelty but there's a few on FB if anyone's interested xx
  • Here's an up to date pic of Eleanor taken at 9 weeks, can't believe how much she is changing already! keep those pics coming ladies - so cute! image

  • Here's Kacie chatting to her panda at 7 weeks

    and giving her little cheeky grin:

    Can't believe how quickly my little girl is growing up, have to get a few more recent pics uploaded, she's nearly 9 weeks already!! image
  • hope this works, appears fb has changed the pic displays so not sure how to upload from there now....

    phoebe at 15minutes old!/photo.php?fbid=1677417409254&set=a.1677416489231.88977.1052047890&theater

    and more recently at 9 weeks!/photo.php?fbid=1756488185974&set=a.1756383783364.95404.1052047890&theater

    darn didn't work, anyone know how to upload from fb now? used to cpoy img location but it doesn't say that anymore, grr!
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