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My overdue birth story

Sorry this is so late...............

I was due on the 27th December but after several failed sweeps I was induced on Sunday 9th December.

I had to ring the labour ward at 08:00 on the Sunday morning to check they had a bed for me me, luckily they did and told us to be there at 10:00. I was put on the monitor when I got there and had my first prostin pessary at 11:00. The midwife really struggled to put it in as my cervix was still closed and far back to the left so she said she didn't think it would work and she was right, it didn't. We walked the hospital grounds to try and get things moving and then watched the united liverpool match ha ha. Had the second pessary at 5:00 sunday evening and it was really uncomfortable as she really had to push to get it in the right place, again she said she didn't think it would work as my cervix was still unfavourable and to prepare myself for the drip on the monday morning. I was placed on the monitoring after the 2nd pessary and the midwife looked really concerned when she looked at the trace and went away, she came back a few minutes later with a senior midwife and said she wasn't happy with the trace and had called the doctor. She put a venflon in my hand and took my bloods and said if the doctor was concerned they may decide to deliver me straight away. I felt sick with worry but said i would do anything aslong as it meant the baby was ok. Luckily when the doc came the tracing was perfect and the doctor said that aslong as it stayed like that it was fine. She also said that the trace was typical of a thumb sucking baby! My husband left at 8:00 in the evening and was planning on coming back the morning after ready for me starting on the drip. Just after he left I started with back ache but I just ignored it. At 10:30 I was given paracetamol and got in bed to try and sleep. The pains in my back were getting worse so I put my tens on (don't think I took my finger off the boost button lol) and walked around the bay. I was aware that there was another lady in there so I really tried to be quiet although the pains were making me breathe quite heavily lol. I was like this for a couple of hours and the midwife said it was prostin pain due to the pessarys and to have a bath. I started being sick so it was pointless having anymore pain relief so i tried to relax in the bath and that helped for a short time. At 4:00 in the morning I was starting to struggle, the midwife examined me and said I was 1cm dilated, I wanted to cry as I thought if its this bad at 1cm Ive no chance but she reassured me and said that the pain was because my cervix had moved and was now soft and also the baby was back to back which is why my back was so painful. At 6:00 in the morning I was still being sick and pacing around the bay trying to be quiet so I didn't wake the other lady up and I went to go to the toilet and my waters broke and had meconium in them. I told the midwife and she said i had to go up to the labour ward as it could indicate distress. By this point I was in so much pain in my back. I phoned my husband between contractions and told him to make his way in. We got upstairs and i was 4cm dilated. My husband walked in the room and said bloody hell!!!! Think he was shocked at how things had progressed as I hadn't phoned him during the night because I didn't want to worry him. I started on the gas and air (loved it ha ha) and was soon 7cm. I was managing even though my back was breaking and I had the urge to push, my midwife told me not to but it was out of my control, such a weird sensation and when she checked me she saw that I was 10cm and said go for it. I remember her bringing the delivery trolley in and I said she is nearly here isn't she, the midwife was laughing and said yes, my husband just kept saying I was doing really well and kept kissing my head but I told him to get off as I was sweaty ha ha!! As I was pushing the pain in my back got unbearable so I had diamorphine which helped. I was pushing for nearly an hour and the midwife had said she could see the baby's head and that she had dark hair but I couldn't get her past the last bit. The monitoring was starting to show she was getting distressed so they got the doctor in who said they would have to give me an episiotomy and use a ventouse to get her out as he didn't think I would manage due to her being back to back. I agreed and before i knew it they were talking me through pushing and I could see the head being delivered, it was such an odd sensation and I couldn't believe it was happening. I looked at my husband who was on the verge of tears, squeezed his hand and gave a final push and my little girl was born at 09:55. They lifted her on to my tummy but only for seconds as she was stunned and needed oxygen and suctioning but she was soon back with me and we had skin to skin and I breast fed her almost straight away. My husband and I were both crying and laughing and I was shaking from head to toe. I couldn't believe that the pain had been so unbearable and then it just stopped as soon as she was here. I can't even remember my placenta being delivered or being stitched I was just staring at my little Olivia Emma image she weighed 7lb 5oz and was weighed again a week and a half ago and was 8lb 2oz, will be weighed again tomorrow and she certainly looks bigger again bless her! My husband couldn't cut the cord as they had to rush her for oxygen but that doesn't matter at all now. I still can't believe that she is here, she is such a chilled baby which is why i think she was forced out at 2 weeks overdue ha ha!!

During the labour I kept thinking to myself never ever again could I do this but I would do it all again tomorrow, its amazing!

Unfortunately had a few problems following the episiotomy and have had 4 courses of antibiotics and need to go to the perineum clinic, I'm starting to feel a bit better now though. Also had a few problems with breastfeeding so using formula now but I can see that she is thriving and I tried my best so aslong as she is ok I'm trying not to beat myself up about it.

My little girl was well worth all the pain and the waiting though and im totally in love. My husband had to go back to work last week and it's so sweet to see him with her when he gets home, he is obsessed with her bless him image

I'm sorry if this is a bit long winded but I got carried away and I'm now a sniffling wreck thinking about it lol. Thanks for reading and also thanks for all the support you gave me during the pregnancy, look forward to catching up with the forum.

Hugs and kisses to you all and your babies

Love Jo and Olivia (3 weeks today) x x x


  • Congratulations again hunnie, hope you're feeling better now.

  • g/c from DIF - congratulations on the birth of Olivia - sounds like you did really well with a back to back delivery, well done!!

    Enjoy your little girl

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