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Hi ladies,

I was just wondering if any of you have thought about contraception yet and if so what have you chosen? I was on the pill up until a few years ago but I'd been on that for many many years and am not so keen on pumping my body with more pills. Plus I'd like another baby at some stage and don't want to wait for it to get out of my system. I've been contemplating an IUD (coil?!?), anyone ever had 1? Does it hurt?

Any other recomendations? xx


  • hi, after ds i went on the mini pill for 6 months, then came off to give my body a few months break before ttc dd and we fell month 2 of ttc...this time, i'm not sure, we don't want to ttc for about 3years, and i don't fancy the coil, which bf leaves me with mini pill or implant, i might go for the implant, but i haven't decided properly yet, and want to give my body a bit of a break for a while as got pregnant with ds in july 08, gave birth march 09, conceived dd in march 10, and as u know gave birth december '10, so 2011 is the first time in three years that i won't be pregnant lol, so went out today and just bought some condoms fr now, will give it atleast a month or so of that before doing anything else...OH isn't 100% pleased, but i think he's just happy he'll be getting some attention in that department lol, so he's not complaining lol. x
  • I had the coil after ds1 and in all honesty found it incredibly painful to have put in! My cervix tilts backward and the doctor was unable to insert it so I had to go back another day and it was agony. It also caused me to bleed for several weeks after, not like a period but I had to have pantyliners in, so after a few months I had it removed. I won't have any contraceptive that stops me releasing eggs, so think my only real option is the mini pill. I had the implant prior to having ds1 and that has left a nasty scar on my arm so won't be having that again either. DH was all up for a vasectomy as he doesn't want anymore kids, but I know I want more so have asked him to wait a couple of years and see how he feels, as I think deciding to have a vasectomy is as big a decision as deciding to have a baby, it's life changing and not something I think he should rush into. So for now we're using the 'pull out' method, lol (sorry if tmi).

  • I think I'm going to go on the pill. I was on the injection for about 10 years and although it was great not to have periods for this time, my sex drive completely disappeared, but because it was so gradual I never really noticed until it was not good at all so don't want to go back on that. I don't fancy the coil or the implant so think the pill is my only other option.

  • I was prescribed the mini pill at my 6 week check up, however I haven't started taking it yet. I'm BF'ing exclusively so same as LW I'm relying on that plus we aren't having any bedroom fun at the moment anyway. I'm not keen on having pills again as it took me quite a long time to find one that suited me (Marvelon) and I cant have that now due to feeding. I had the coil fitted previously I can't remember which one it was but it also released hormones, I have to say it was awful. It hurt me more than anything I've experienced before, I gave it a fair go but I bleed constantly for 4 months and felt pain most days before giving up and having it removed. Never again! :roll:

    Everybody is different but I will say I took Marvelon and before that other combined pills for 11 years and fell pregnant 10 days after stopping so I wouldn't hesitate to take it again when I can.

    Hope whatever you choose works well for you xxx
  • Thanks lw I wasn't aware of that, which now means I have no idea what contraceptive we will be using. Though I am of the opinion that it isn't just the womans job to prevent unwanted pregnancy, so if dh is so certain he doesn't want anymore kids yet or at all, then I'm afraid he will have to use condoms cos I have 'protected' us for the last 10 years and think it's time he has a turn now.

  • Currently using the method of don't come near me! Ha ha! No action for hubby since babies arrival!

    Not that so far he's been interested as he's been super busy with work so really tired.

    Also not sure whats going on with my stitches. Not sure they have dissolved and worry sex will be painful.

    I think we will probably opt for condoms. As hopefully don't want a big gap before we have another baby, so seems best option!

    Tmi but have been having rude dreams image so may have to be brave if ever not completely knackered!
  • Good ol' condoms here.

    To be honest, neither of us find them that off putting, and I actually like the "mess" collecting facility of them (TMI!).

    Very good point, they are great for that reason alone but I worry about them splitting etc and then getting caught out!

    Currently using the method of don't come near me! Ha ha! No action for hubby since babies arrival!

    Same here, I'm actually quite scared :roll:

  • :lol: Justarascal that made me laugh!! But so true!

    Thank you for sharing ladies! I'm even more in a dilema now.... I don't like the sounds of the coil to be honest, don't see why I should put myself through so much pain having just given birth and not keen on the pill again. Think like you Justarscal and MrsR we'll stick with condomns. Neither of us are put off either and they seem to answer all our problems ie. painfree etc etc. I do get scared of accidents with condomns though... We had an 'accident' Saturday night, image how irresponsible I know... Thankfully I came on for the 1st time Sunday phew!!! I guess I'll just have to learn to be more careful or put myself through the pain! xxx
  • MrsLoader, I had the injection for about 9 years and having no periods for all that time was fab! I'd go back on it, but it completely killed my sex drive :roll:

  • yeh i was on the injection for 3 years and didn't have period all that time or for a yr after, 4 yrs with no periods was fab, however i did put on alot of weight, but whether that was the jab or coincidence i don't know as even contraception free i struggle with weight... x
  • Luckily no probs with my sexdrive rainbow

    Hopefully it won't effect you like it did me, it didn't happen straight away, more towards the last 2 years.

    I saw my doctor on Friday and got my prescription for the pill, now just have to wait foe the dreaded AF :x

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