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Things I didn't know about babies

1. They're noisy even when not crying- grunting, snuffling, gurgling, sneezing, sighing, grizzling... I sleep with earplugs in!

2. Overtiredness is a pain... more sleep in the day = more sleep at night at the moment.

3. Sleep deprivation can make house noises sound like the baby crying- eg steriliser boiling, fridge humming. Am I mental??

Add your own!


  • Mine is more like things I had forgotten since having ds1:

    1. How much time is wasted just looking at them - I seem to spend ages just looking at Daniel and thinking how much I love him image

    2. How much they poo and how much time is spent changing nappies! - Daniel has loads of poos, but they're only little ones but still need changing.

    3. How easily they get frustrated cos they want to move and can't image

    4. The money wasted on clothes just because they're cute and baby absolutely 'needs' it :lol:

    5. How many old dears they attract! It can take 2 hours to do the shopping when it should only take 30 minutes cos old dears insist in stopping me to look at him and tell me how beautiful he is, like I dont know already, though it is nice to be told image

    I do agree with the noise one as well, Daniel is a real little moaner!

  • I should just add that I sleep with earplugs in NEXT to baby and am a v light sleeper so wake up at the first cry!
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