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Travelling Advice please (also in Baby)

Hi ladies,

I'm after your help please... I'm taking my DD on a family holiday in a few weeks time, she'll be 4 months old. I'm hoping you'll be able to give me some useful tips and advice on travelling with a baby that young please?!

We're not travelling too far (Austria) but my main concerns are that firstly it'll throw her routine completely out... She's sleeping through the night now and I'm worried the different cot and surroundings might set her back a bit. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? And also I'm really concerned about feeding her on the journey. She's on formula so I'm not sure how I'm going to get water and heat it up at the airport/on the plane etc?!? Any other useful tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advnace for your advice.

Becky and Heidi 10 weeks xx


  • what lw said ^^

    try to stick to normal routine, which shouln't be too hard as it's only an hour or two time difference...keeping things the same as much as possible will be comforting to her, any favourite toys/blankets etc be sure to take, also yes, cartons, u can buy these in the departure lounge/duty free, which is waht most poeple do now anyway as otherwise u need to faff about with all the liquid allowances etc...on the plane the staff will be happy enough to provide u with hot water to heat up the bottle, or may even do it for u...hth x
  • Hi ladies,

    DD is on a special lactose free formula and as far as I'm aware they don't do them in cartons :roll: so I'm really worried how I'll work it?!?

    I'll definitely take some toys for her, also a bit worried as the cot will be different?!?

    LW - she's dribbling a lot already, when does teething normally start?

  • ah cr*p yeh...tommee tippee sell milk powder dispensers that fit inside the bottle, and when on the plane u could ask the cabin crew to fill the bottle with hot water as and when u want ur airline/airport to check what their policies are on baby bottles/liquids...but i think that'll be ur best bet as most places don't allow more than 100ml containers (which means the bottle is too big?????)but the tt dispensers will fit inside so won't take up any extra space and u can just get the water on the plane...

    found this for u, might help for some of the points...

    also, if u get ur dd to feed on take off and landing it can help ease the ear popping thing...much like some adults suck sweets etc xx

    oh and re the cot being different, shouldn't pose a problem, but if u think it might then maybe take her own blankets (or grobags if u use them) and maybe put ur top that u've been wearing in with her so she can smell something familiar

    and re teething, all babies are different, ds didn't get his first teeth until he was 6 months, which as far as i'm aware is nothing out of the ordinary, but teething can start well before the teeth actually come through, so it's quite normal for babies of our lo's age to show soem teething symptoms (ie excessive dribbling)but without teeth appearing for months yet...phoebe is very dribbly on and off and ds was too from around 2 months...u can always have a little feel and look around in her mouth to see if u can spot/feel something, but it's quite unusual for babies to be properly teething (as in teeth coming through) at this age, but it does happen, a friend of mine was born with two teeth! xx
  • Think I read somewhere that if your on special formula for medical reasons, get a note from your doctor and you get a bit more lee way with the airlines for carrying the amount of formula you need
  • Thanks Wowbabies, that would indicate to me that I can take over the 100ml guideline but it will be checked. My plan (at the mo) is to take her normal 6oz sterlised bottles with water all ready in in a cool bag or thermal bag of some sort and the formula in little containers in the hope that they let me take the bigger bottles through. Worst ways I'll gladly taste it or throw away the extra water. Not sure how else they would expect me to feed her. If it is only 100 ml bottles I'd need to take loads to be able to feed her properly.... Am I right in my thinking?!?

    Great idea cyliestitch, I'll make sure I do that too!!!

    God there's so much to think about with a baby image Still not sure what to do about a sterliser yet either!!! xxx
  • microwave steriliser (can use as cold water sterilser if no microwave around) no need to worry about plufg of the reasons we got a microwave one is because the in laws live in belgium, that way it'sd one less thing to worry about, plus u can store everthing in there whilst on the move...or microwave sterilser bags...

    depending on what brand u buy (think milton, lindam, tt, avent medela all make) u get 3-5bags that can each be used 20times...i think u'll be fone with the normal size are the dispenser things i was on about...i used to use them (with ds) with the waterin the bottle and then powder dispenser in there too, saves room (vital with hand luggage allowances)and still keeps the powder separate and they fit up to 9scoops in)...

  • OMG Wowbabies, thank you so much they look great. I was actually thinking I'd have to take my normal size microwave sterilizer!!! I know the place we're going to has a microwave so I shall be purchasing some of the bags for sure. I think I'll invest in the dispensers too, I have some already that I use but they'll take up more room than those if we can put them in the bottle even with water in!

    Is there anything else I need?!? I'm going to take our bottle warmer as that's not too big and her sleeping bag, plus clothes obviously.... xx
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