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Moving from Breast to Bottle (also in baby)

Hi there

Hope you are all doing well! image I have been lurking, when time allows! I would really like some advice please......

Sophie is now 6 weeks and 2 days - and doing really well! I have been breasfeeding and in the last 2 weeks introduced formula at the evening - she will only take a max of 3oz.

I am ready to move her from breast to bottle, which I do feel guilty about as I fed my eldest DD until 15 months (because she wouldnt have a bottle!). However, I am not enjoying it as much as I did first time mainly because I am absolutely exhausted all the time.

I need advice on what is the best transition method? Any advice on this on general bottle feeding would be so greatly received!

Thank you in advance

Sharlene xx


  • hi i mix fed ds until he was 7months, i gradually reduced the amount of breastfeeds...he started with on ff a night at 3 weeks, then at 14weeks i switched his mid day feed to ff, then i basically left it there, and whenever he dropped a feed i would work it so it was a bf that had gone, by 5 months (when we started weaning) he was having 3bfs and 2ff by 6 months he was having 3ff and 1bf daily and by 7months he decided he no longer wanted the boob, so went to having all honesty i had wanted to keep that morning feed a bf for as long as possible, one, because it meant i didn't ahve to get up and start making bottles immediately (lazy i know)and, two, because once i started mixfeeding it eased the pressure off and i started to enjoy bf a whole lot more, and was infact very sad when it all ended...u may find that as u introduce more ff that ur keen to keep one or two bf as it does become more enjoyable...very well done for getting to six weeks, as u know, the first 6 weeks are by far the toughest, so don't feel guilty, u've done fantastically, and happy mummy=happy baby. hth xx
  • Thank you wowbabies fot the reply! That is really helpful and i will give it a go. I am starting to alternate feeds today, where she will let me! image My problem now is that she wont take more than 2ozs of formula, then wants bf afterwards! Fussy little baby :lol:
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