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Name change help

Really need advice, we don't think Daniel looks like a Daniel, we think he looks like a William. Most of our family agree. We are contemplating changing his name while he's still too young to understand to William Daniel. We were going to call him William Spencer while I was pg but picked Daniel when I had him. Family have said its our decision but I wanted some outside advice. What do you all think?



  • replied in baby, but just wanted to add that yes as l4p says, as his middle name is william, could u not affectionately call him william, but leave daniel as his official name? and like i said in baby, it depends on ur older lo too, i know ds knows dd as phoebe now, and would be confused if we changed her name (he even calls for her from his cot in the morning lol) but if u were to change it, then the sooner the better, as it'll be easier for both to adjust the younger it's done...xx
  • Thank you ladies. Harrison has said he prefers William to Daniel and doesn't seem to confused when we tell him we may be changing Daniel's name to William, so I'm not overly concerned about him if we do change it. I do agree though that the sooner the better for everyone.

    Lol @ love4pip dh, typical man. I asked my sisters oh tonight what he thought Daniel looked like and he said 'a baby', lol.

    LW do you think Rebecca looks like a Connie, or just not a Rebecca? I only ask cos I think if I didnt think he looked like something else specifically I prob would stick with Daniel, but cos I can see him as a William it makes me think its an 'omen' iyswim.

  • We took the plunge and are seeing how it goes having a William. We have explained to Harrison that baby was only Daniel for a bit and is now William and he seems ok with it. Will just have to see how it goes image

  • If you dont feel right calling lo daniel and your eldest ds understands then go for it, why not, its not like daniel is going to be confused at this age.

    When i had dd i really really wanted to call her molly but ds chose tayla and because i liked that name too it stuck. For months after she was born i kept thinking, she really does not suit the name tayla and molly would have been perfect, even dp agreed, but we stuck with it and although i still to this day think molly would have suited her she is a little tayla through and through. Also we have found that because her name is a bit different people always remember her and she is such a little character anyway it really suits her now to have a 'different' name. Her middle name is maddison so if she doesnt like tayla when she is older then she can always use maddie as her first name instead xx
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