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I am in a bit of a pickle! Well when DD was 5 weeks old Hubby and I attempted a bit of me and him timeimage it was only when we were half way through sorry if tmi! That I rememebered that I wasn't on contraception how stupid. So needless to say we stopped and I resumed the contraceptive pill the next day. I still haven't had a period since the birth but the past few days I have been feeling sickly an tired. I am not sure whether this is just a combination of my mind and body playing tricks on me! Anyway I think I am going to do a test even if it's to put my mind at rest :0 x


  • I am on the same boat, not had period since dd was born 7 weeks ago. We had unprotected sex twice but stopped before climax, and have had protected sex since. But I had a dream I was pregnant and now I am paranoid.Especially as everyone round me is falling pregnant so its making me worse. I will be glad when my period arrives. I'm going to take a test tomorrow to put my mind at ease. That will teach us!! image xx
  • I'm the same.... we did it twice image, both times unprotected.... So so so so silly of us. I was thinking of sticking to condomns as our form of protection but we clearly can't be trusted! xx
  • ooo ladies!! You are all very keen! Kacie is 8 weeks and it still hasn't crossed my mind to attempt some special cuddles with H2B :lol:

    Have you tested yet??? x
  • haha ditto huniibump! phoebe is 10weeks now and our method contraception is still abstinence lol! x
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