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Question for anyone who's had a baby in December/Early January..or their own bday is then

I am now onto my 3rd month of trying for baby number 2, but am a bit unsure about trying too hard this month as I always feel a bit sorry for people with a december birthday (particulary as I would be due about 3 days after christmas).

What does everyone else thing about this?

Does it not really make a difference?

Thank you for your replies.



  • hi, i have a son born in march and a daughter mid december, her birthday isn't really any different, we have plenty of notice to buy presents etc so money isn't extra tight for xmas, infact my son's birthday was 2weeks ago an i mentioned to OH that it looked bare as dd had more decs up (birthday and xmas +tree)... only thing is i know some ladies from here found difficult to book a venue for a december birthday, or people wanting to do joint presents, i just told my family any joint birthday/xmas presents would be remembered and they would get a joint one regardless of when their bday is lol... i do know afew ladies did now presents for birthday, and summer presents for xmas or vice versa. hth x
  • my birthday is 22nd dec and is fine for me lol xx
  • Hi my 2 boys b/days are both around dec/jan my 1st child was due the 26th dec and came the 12th jan and my 2nd was due on the 10th dec and came the 22nd dec i only seem to conceive in march , but thats fine we have plenty of time to shop for pressies and to top it of my fiances b/day is the 9th dec lol.

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