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Feeling hot

I'm a first timer so new to all this and probably asking stupid questions.

I'm normally always cold but have been really hot especially in bed. Yesterday I was walking about the shops and had to have a seat I was so hot. My stomach seems to be very hot too. I'm only 5 weeks pregnant.

Has anyone else experienced this?


  • I'm a second timer but get ridiculously hot in bed now. Even though the weather is warmer I'm normally one for wrapping myself up in my duvet but when pregnant I find I'm out of the duvet!

    Not had hot 'moments' during the day as yet but I definitely did later on last pregnancy.

    Oh and don't think you're asking stupid questions, we've all been or are first timers and some of the changes you go through when pregnant are very random or unexpected. Feel free to ask anything!

    Jo x
  • I'm getting really hot in bed too. I'm not sure if it's that or needing the toilet but I also can't sleep much later than about 5 in the morning. I pretty sure this didn't happen last time, although looking back I can't remember very much! To all first timers out there try keeping a pregnancy diary, I so wish I had now!
  • I've had the occasional hot flush! Think its due to increased progesterone levels -which raises your body temp.

    Mooomin x
  • Me too, i'm cooking in bed while DH is bundled up!

    I had the same thing with my dd - I remember being about 30 weeks at christmas for her and just about stripping down in the office because I was so hot! The joys of pregnancy!
  • Thought I was ill yesterday got so hot and felt dizzy at work!

    Oh well. I'm quite happy to have symptoms!

    Mooomin x
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