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Crazy Dreams

Some days (including today) I wake up in a sweat after some crazy intense dreams! They always focus on things I can't do now that I'm pregnant (mostly drinking alcohol).

Now I love my evening glass of red, but I'm in no way some sort of alcoholic or anything. I must admit I miss the social aspect of it now that the good weather's here, but at the same time I'm not really craving it.

Yet now I'm having very frequent, vivid dreams about alcohol, usually involving me in the dream drinking some, then realising I shouldn't have and feeling awfully guilty. I wake up panicking (''Must check Google to see what the damage to a 13 week-old fetus could be!!!'') and only calm down a bit when it dawns on me that it was all a dream. image :roll:

Last night I was swigging back Cognac in my dream. Cognac! I don't even drink the stuff! :?

Anyone else experienced this, or is it just crazy me?


  • I've been having odd dreams about friends weddings, traveling through jungles, doing exams with my MIL invigilating, sexy dreams with mysterious men...

    No wonder I'm knackered all the time!

    Mooomin x
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