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Signed off for a week :(

Hey everyone,

Just come on to feel sorry for myself really image I have been told by my GP to stay off of work for a week cos of my back painimage I cant sit on my left buttock at all the pain in referring from my sacroilliac joint.

The best part is im a physio! I have been struggling on at work for a week but finally gave in today as the commute is so painful I cant sit. She has done me an urgent physio referall thank god to see if that helps.

I was expecting pain as I have a long history of back and hip problems but I thought I would get past 14 weeks!! Anyone else having back pain yet!?




  • Not really sorry! Glad to hear that they are helping you with it. Hope it gets better.

    Mooomin x
  • jumped back across from the November forum to say i really feel for you, my lower back is agony, i can't sit on any hard chairs or surfaces as it causes so much pain!

    I didn't have any issues with my back with ds so really suprised about this.

    Hope the physio is successful and you get some relief soon x
  • Hi ladies,

    Thanks for the messages it is still miserable image 2 days on bed rest and i just had to drive to town 5 mins away and the pain in my left bottom cheek was just the same! I cant see it ever getting better, im so worried about taking the time of work and how it might affect my maternity pay if i have to have a long time off image just feeling quite low at the momentimage

  • G/C from DIS but wanted to say take things easy. Backache and achey lower joints can kick in at any time depending on how baby is laying (with me it's like having sciatica but pregnancy related). As for your maternity pay it shouldn't be affected at all until you reach wk36 of your pregnancy at which point if your still signed off your employer can force maternity leave to start. Hopefully you'll have received treatment and be managing better by that point. Best wishes
  • Hi kazzie, thanks for the adivce.

    my concern with maternity pay is that it is calculated on the last 2 months work prior to the expected week of child birth, so i only get 3 months full pay sick so if i am off sick with this for the next 6 months (may be a possibility given my back and hip history) then may mat leave will be affected image just so stressful times at the momentimage

  • Oh hun, that is awful.

    Do rest and hopefully, physio can set you back on your feet enough that you can head into work again. Don't worry now though, just rest and heal. Tomorrow will come soon enough, so just take care of today.

  • Hey hunnie.

    Im 14 weeks and tge doc signed me off for two weeks with my back/pelvic pain. We have a self referal to physio so i went two weeks ago and im back there today. I did all the excerises they gave me and it was better for a week but seems to have come back with avengence. I feel your pain hun. Let us know how you get on at physio xxxx
  • Hi hun. Just wanted to say sorry to hear you're in pain. I hope the physio can help and you're back to normal soon. xx
  • i had appalling spd with toby and really hoping that this one is different - i hope the physio works for you. With regard to maternity pay it is usually calculated on a certain period of time. For most it is from approx week 18 - 25 - get as many hours as you can in this period and your mat pay should be ok. Check with HR when your qualifying period is though. HUGS x
  • Thanks for that update summer, that is my main concern! Im 14 weeks at the moment. my plan is to go back monday and just see how i go, the problem with working in the physio department is that everyone notices when i am in pain or if my gait is off...and then they send me home!!!!i dont know how much they can alter my job so it will be easier for me i think i need to go and speak to occi health!!

    Ill let u know how monday goes! Still waiting for my physio appointment, cant even get one and i work there!!

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