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Prams and car seats


Me again!! can u tell im bored!!! i was jsut wondering if anyone else had started looking at buggies yet? there seem to be so many and i have no idea what i really need!!! Any of u second time mummies have any recommendations or steer clear adivce!!?? i would be really gratefull!!



  • Hey Hun!

    I loved pram shopping!

    I wanted a pram that was light, easy to steer, had a big shopping basket, could be front and back facing and also compatible with a car seat!

    A lot of people don't like a car seat going in to a chassis but for me it has been a godsend! I never leave her in the carseat for a long time but if I needed to go to Asda to pick up a few bits it meant not waking her up everytime I stopped!

    I also really wanted a carrycot but personally wouldn't bother this time, it cost us a small fortune, I didn't get out of the house much for the first few weeks as I was recovering and trying to get into a routine and then she had outgrown it by 8 weeks, she wasn't a big baby either but is long!

    This time I figure it's going to be really cold so prob would do loads of walking so I won't bother with a carrycot this time, I'll just make sure I've got a really good, warm cosi toes!

    I need a double this time and have been looking at second hand iCandy pears! Eeekkkk can't wait xxx
  • I'm not a 2nd time mummy but my step mum bought our push chair the weekend just gone as it was on offer in babies'r'us. We got the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System and it's so easy to use. It cost ??229.99 and came with a car seat, travel cot, rain cover and a few hanging teddy bears which are cute. Also has 2 cup holders 1 for me which also has a small compatment for keys and phone (well thats what I assume it's for hehe) and 1 LO as he or she gets older. Has big basket underneath aswell.

    I wanted it as soon as I found out we were expecting and OH wasn't too keen on it just from looking at it on the internet but when we went to look at some he fell in love with it and starting working out how to use it before a member of staff had chance to come over haha.

    Hope you enjoy looking at loads and picking the one for LO.

  • I have owned a fair few now. I don't know if my two pence is worth anything but here they are.

    I have owned two Gracos and to be honest they are fragile. Both of ours broke within the first year. We have also owned a Petit star zia and it is awesome! It is light, easy to push, relatively inexpensive, fits in tiny boots, travels well, and while it looks nice like the Quinny Zapp, it also reclines.

    We had a Chicco trio living. I wouldn't reccomend it because it was hard to fold, huge, and the straps kept unclipping. Dd was only 5 months old, and yet she would lean forward and the straps would pop undone.

    We were given a Jane pushchair which we keep at inlaws abroad, and it is wonderful.

    For doubles we had first the mother care stadium tandem, long pushchair thing, NIGHTMARE!!! Avoid at all costs... it is huge, hard to push, you can barely navigate a curb, it won't fit anywhere, and the fold mechanism failed on us three times, mothercare replaced it three times and all three would not fold up after a few times.

    We now have the phil and teds and for that I could rave all day. It's lasted 6 years, through 4 soon to be 5 children, and it has never let us down. Which is saying something as I think we must be particularly hard on pushchairs. lol.

  • Wow hedgieuk that's a lot of pushchairs!! Sounds like you know what you're talking about.

    I have the iCandy apple which I've loved (also wanted one with car seat to fit in) but it is heavy. We did also buy a lightweight Maclaren which we got cheaply and use when we travel which we frequently do.

    I am now pondering our next step. DD will be 2 yrs 9 months when this one comes; don't want to spend masses but feel like I won't cope if it's just me with two kids out and about with anything other than a double, but hubby feels like we should just try with what we've got ie DD in pushchair, baby in sling; or get a buggy board.

  • I've got a silver cross travel system from when we had dd. Will get it out of the garage and clean it up for this little one. It is an excellent pram.
  • my goodness, so many suggestions!!!! it is such a minefield!!! I have a bad back so i will defo be avoiding all the bad folders!!! What was the silver cross travel system u had Cazzie!?

    We have just popped to mothercare (proud owner of gorgeous new maternity jeans!!) and saw the mothercare spin and loved it!!! At the moment it comes with free maxicosi car seat, but I am too scared to buy anything before the 20 week scan!! From mums who have experience what do u think of the look of this one!? Are mothercare reliable!? xxx
  • With every pushchair we bought mothercare were excellent to deal with.

    We only ever bought the double one as a mothercare brand, but for customer service they were fantastic.
  • we have the graco quattro tour deluxe from our son that will be bought out and cleaned up ready for this one, we have also bought a few second hand off net mums, a mamas and papas pulse which im not keen on its not easy to steer and a safety first 3 wheeler which i love but is now well and truly knackered, will be looking for a new 3 wheeler once we need something lighter weight than the graco.
  • I have the icandy cherry, but the hood annoys me. Not good enough. With thi baby I'm leaning towards rthe baby jogger city select as I need a double.
  • We started with a mamas and papas pliko pramette and can't fault it at all. had all the features we wanted easy to use and store but found it a bit much to handle when using public transport alone. we then got a mamas and papas luna which is amazingly light, more sturdy than a buggy and will last well into todddler years. well it would if I didn't need a double pram in December. looking to get a Phil and reds I think.
  • I am currently looking at either the Britax BSmart 3 wheeler, or the Babystyle Oyster. Both a bit more than I was wanting to pay, but I know people with them, and hace gotten rave reviews, and most have used the chassis from birth through to toddler without having another buggy, so for me its worthing spending the little extra now to not buy a buggy in the future!

    Important for us is also the compatibility of car seats, I hated having to wake my girls (twins) up to get them out of their car seats to put them in a trolley or pram or buggy when out! I also want to have a pushchair that can be either forward or rear facing, and I would really like a carrycot!

    Both the systems I like have everything I want, and its possible to get package deals in some places so hopefully I can save on the price by shopping around!

    Jo xx
  • We have bought our pram already as we got ??50 off when we bought the car seat with it, 3 for 2 on the accessories and 10% off the whole order. It's the Sola with carrycot and car seat.. I fell in love with it when it first came out knew it was the pram I wanted!
  • I'm really sad - we got the Silver Cross Linear Freeway and I love it, but it doesn't fit in the boot of our car. Having to send it back and will have to look for something smaller, but I want something that is a pram and a forward facing and rear facing pushchair. Any suggestions? x
  • thanks for all the advice girls! i feel ready and armed for my baby weekend!!! Tomorrow we are hitting kiddicare and sunday john lewis and mamas and papas!!

    katie i am in love with the sola and i really think this is what we will have!! I think the deal is fab but i am too scared to buy anything before my 20 weeks scan!!

    HigliBear the sola faces both ways!!!! thats why I love it so much!!!

  • graduate from december 2010 here!

    we have the babystyle oyster and i love it! hes in the proper pram seat now when we're out, but still use the carrycot from time to time if hes just sat in it at my mums, hes nearly too long for it, but not quite, and hes on the 91st centile for height at 23weeks.

    its really easy to use, though does take up a lot of space in the boot with the carrycot. when using the pram seat it takes less space if you store it seperately, though it does fold with the seat attached to the chassis.

    i always said i would never attach the car seat to the chassis, but i have becuase when just popping to asda for a couple of bits and he was asleep it was so much easier.

    hes always slept well in the carrycot bit, used it as a moses basket when we were out as we never bought a proper moses basket due to having a crib.

    so thats my 2cents.

    a lot of the other december 2010 mums have the mothercare my4 and love it too
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