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Scan tomorrow =D

Bit of a pointless post I'm just sooooo excited. So excited I was up at half 7 this morning :lol: Don't think I'll get any sleep tonight.

Hope every one else that has scans coming up go well.



  • No post is a pointless post if you want to share something image

    Have fun at your scan!!! Mine is on Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to it. I wish you a great viewing time of your little one image
  • Good luck with your scan today hun xx
  • Thanks. Everything was fine with baby at scan today, the sonographer said that everything is all normal. Baby looked a bit cramped in there haha, started grabbing his or her feet. Couldn't find out the sex but we have been booked in for another scan next Monday as baby just wouldn't lay the way she wanted baby to lay for her to look at the baby's heart properly.

    O well get to see baby again and so soon aswell =D I have now come to the conclusion that if we can't find out the sex I'm going to be fine with that just means more shopping once baby is here.

    Same post also on our FB page.

  • Glad your scan went well!

    It must have been a Monday thing as i had 20 week scan today and i was sent out for a walk and some chocolate as baby was on tummy so couldn't check heart. Second time they had just turned enough to allow her to check heart before going back to their tummy!


  • Glad yours went well aswell.

    Haha lazy monday for the babies. I had to go for a walk and eat something sweet aswell but that just made baby lay on its tummy with legs tucked under, was so sweet though.

    We've decided that bubs is stubborn like mummy and has daddys little pop belly haha.

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