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Scan tomorrow, agh!!

Have my scan tomorrow, am nervous! Not sure if I've felt baby move yet or not, think maybe but don't know! I'm 18 weeks tomorrow. Unfortunately my husband is not here at the moment so I'm heading to the scan on my own while my mum looks after DD. Hubby did ask if he could be conferenced in!! Fingers crossed all ok.


  • Good luck for your scan tomorrow, hope all goes well. Are you finding out the sex or keeping it a surprise? Shame your hubby can't be at the scan too, get lots of pics! x
  • Want to find out but not sure of hospital policy. Our plan though if we can find out is hopefully to keep it to ourselves so it's a surprise for everyone else. We'll see if that works out!
  • Have a wonderful time tomorrow at your scan!! let us know how it all goes x x
  • Just back and have been told I need to go back again in two weeks! Because I'm 18 wks and it was a midwife doing the scan she just did a dating scan (I've been put back to 17+4, due 31st Dec.) because it's not in her remit to examine the heart or anything else more closely! Agh! Good news is baby was kicking about just fine, but had its legs crossed so we couldn't find out the sex! Oh and only got one picture which she gave me for free because it's rubbish!

    Also discussed where I might deliver - i'd been told previously that I can't deliver at my nearest hospital because I'm high risk because of previous late miscarriage and its mid wife led unit so no doctors, no epidural. But today she said if everything is ok after the next scan and for the rest of the pregnancy I can discuss with them at 36 wks where to deliver, and in fact I won't be high risk anymore. Hurray. Am worried that this labour will be quick so would quite like to go to the hospital that is round the corner!
  • Glad all was well have mine next tuesday -so excited can't wait! Hope hubby is around for the next one.

    Mooomin x
  • Hey hun, Glad baby is all good at least you get to see the baby again and another chance to find out the sex.

    By the way we have the same due date xx
  • Hey Mildred, thanks, I will be looking out for you then. I really want this baby to come a bit early - don't want to be too fat to eat my turkey! image

    I think baby was waiting until daddy was there too so we could both find out together!
  • Hey

    I'm new to this website and was just reading yours and Mildreds posts. I am due a day before 30th December, we sooo didn't time that well!

    Glad to hear baby is kicking, isn't it amazing when you see baby.

    Its our first and took a while to get where we are today, I came back with a high downs risk calculation, luckily our hospital put onto a fetal medicine specialist who did a recent marker scan and showed our baby's face in 3D, really mad to see its (were not finding out the sex) face looking straight at us.

    would love to hear how you get on through your pregnancy.

  • I'm hoping that baby comes on it's due date - i think a New Years Eve birthday would be lovely plus i'll get spoilt by everyone at Christmas and won't have to do too much. fingers crossed it doesn't arrive on Christmas day, i don't want to spoil it for my little boy and i'm not 100% that i'll be able to drag hubby away from his Christmas dinner.

    Bluebabe and Fiona, when are your scans booked for now? Mines the 16th August and i can't wait.

    Moomin have you had your scan or is it next week?

  • I had a scan at 18 weeks (long story but I thought it was too early) but have to go back next Thursday 11th for the anomaly scan. Will make second attempt to find out if we are pink or blue this time!
  • Had my scan on Tuesday it was lovely, we decided to wait to find out if its a girl or a boy and little one had its legs crossed anyway!

    All is good except everything is pointing to me developing gestational diabetes -little one is on the 50-60 percentile for everything except belly which can be a sign -though it could be that LO has inherited my physic! So I have another scan in about 3 weeks. To see if LO is following that line or is off the scale!

    Trying to eat very little sugar and stick to a very healthy diet I thought I was doing ok -I'm still 9lbs less than when I got pregnant there is lots more that could go too though.

    But no point worrying they are keeping a close eye on me and I get to see LO again soon. And if I do get it then LO will be here by 12/12 and able to see all the relies at Christmas! Ad obviously after not long giving birth and breastfeeding (or at least trying) I wont have to do much but eat either!

    Mooomin x
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