Hi, I;m new on this forum and also due 30th December 2011!!


I'm just over 18weeks today, will be 19wks on Friday coming.

This is our first and took ages to get this far, lots of fertility history, but hay were here now and can't wait.

I would love to hear from others that have similar due dates and are feeling great just like I am.

Although, since turning 18wks I am not sleeping so well, aches and whats with the restless legs, and cramp, I have never suffered from that, anyone else have the same?

Love to hear from anyone, I think these chat forums are really helpful.

Fionimage a


  • Welcome to DID - glad to hear that you're here finally after your history. I'm sure all will go well image
  • Hello and welcome. As you've seen I'm due now 31st December so we are close. Really hope baby comes early though! Hope you're feeling well.
  • Hi and welcome! Congrats to on your pregnancy. Are you going to find out whether you are expecting pink or blue at your 20 week scan?

    I get restless legs when I'm tired, drives both me and hubby mad as can't stop fidgeting!

    Jo x
  • Hi I am due in the 31st of December. Really hoping baby comes a tiny bit earlier though as I am delivering my baby at the maternity unit I work at so the only time I am garenteed Xmas and new year off and I will prob end up spending at work. This is also my first baby. We have our 2nd scan on Friday, I am very nervous but excited too, we are also picking our wedding album up on Friday so will be a lovely day.

    I have just started over the past week not sleeping, not sure if it's the heat or the fact I am just generally uncomfortable. Glad to hear you ladies are also keeping well x x
  • Hi Fiona welcome to DID, i'm due the 31st, although the sonographer originally said the 30th then when i said oh i thought it was Jan she re-measured and changed to the 31st so don't have a great deal of faith in her.

    Good luck with your pregnancy

  • Hi there, so long since we have all chatted!

    Its been manic but gone quick - can't believe we will nearly be 6mths (for me tomorrow).

    I have had so many scans, had one today due to high risk on Downs calculation (1 in 94), didn't opt for Amnio - no way, this little one is far too precious to be doing all that prodding about!!!

    We have had fetal marker scans which are not 100% like the Amnio but great indication to see if its a likelyhood of downs or abnormalities, still to us this little pickle would be perfect no matter what image

    I hope all is well with you girls and baby, its so nice to know there are others due on or around New Years - love it

    Fiona & Pickle

  • Hey Ladies

    Soz haven't been in touch, my how time flies since we last spoke on this forum back in Sept!!!

    Not long now to those of you expecting around end of Dec, I'm 5wks away from my DD come tomorrow, soooo exciting!!

    Hope to hear how you're doing, I can't believe how great I feel, just started feeling tired in the day, but other than that have had a wonderful pregnancy and still are image
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