Anyone started packing hopital bag?

Hi all.

I am feeling a bit of a sado cos i started packing my hospital bag today :lol: .

I thought as im at the great stage not too huge, not horrendously tired and not feeling sick anymore I would get a head start on the basics.

Has anyone else started theres?

XXX Janet


  • Hey!

    I've started to put the clothes i want to take in for baby to one side. I think i'll be in hospital a while this time so taking plenty of things in for her. Cant even remember what other stuff to take in!!!! Big knickers ring a bell!

  • I packedmy bag at 32 wks last time and dd arrived the following day. So lucky that i could just tell my mum where the bags were when i was in labour. Will be packing mine early again this time
  • Ive started too!! have been buying extra things when i see them on offer and have popped them in my bag. have also brought my big nanny knickers for after my section :lol:

    its so exciting and im definitley one for making life easier so if i pack it now i know whats in there, as if i leave it and dh packs it in a panic i could end up with all sorts! image
  • I started packing mine at the beginning of the week, I have been pivking some bits and bobs up for a while now and decided the best thing wa to pack them before I started to misplace items.

    far I have got in it:

    For me: A buttoned nightie

    A pair of buttoned pyjamas

    Breast pads

    Maternity pads

    Big knickers

    A roll of quilted toilet roll

    For Baby: Some disposable nappies

    A reusable nappy to wear home

    A packet of wipes (for both of us really)

    My little cow beanie from Cow and Gate baby club!

    Some vests

    I was completely unprepared the last time, I hadn't a clue!!!

    Jo xx
  • I'm thinking about it.....but we'll have moved countries before baby arrives so not actually got the bag ready yet. Have bought a load of maternity/breast pads, some nappies, and big knickers! Really want to get some decent pyjamas/nighty this time as last time I wasn't prepared at all, and even gave birth in this hideous long sleeved grey t-shirt (because that's what I was wearing when I was admitted, didn't think to change!), which now adorns half the photos we have! Will not make that mistake again image
  • Oh thanks ladies now I dont feel so sad! :lol:

    Ive just got to get myself some button up nighties and short leggings to go under. (last time i felt a bit exposed with just a nightie on especially with other hubbies on the ward) Also need to get some delightful sanitary pads just a tip but i found always nightime towels were great much longer than maternity towels so feel more secure. Im getting so excited now, cant believe how close we are.

    Love to all. XXX Janet.
  • I think I'll buy the rest of what I need on Saturday and get it all washed and put away, was supposed to be moving but that has been delayed for a few weeks so want to get something organised!
  • G/C but with DD1 born Dec 09 we had everything ready by end of Sept & then spent the following weeks constantly checking we had it all. :lol: Those planning pyjamas be wary of the fact that if you need c-sec/stitches the trousers can irritate.
  • I'm going to go shopping this week and have hospital bag ready just 11 weeks to go now image
  • gate crashing!

    slippers or flip flops for when u shower in the hosp.

    packet of wipes (for you, instead of toilet paper which can chaff after birth)

    lucozade! for general thirst and helping get through it.

    nightie not trousers, if u have a c section it will be sore

  • omg im so disorganised!! iv not bought a single thing yet and not even thought about a hospital bag!! luckily this is my 3rd and am a bit of a hoarder so have most stuff anyway! i better pull my finger out ay! x
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