Wanted to say hi - due 30th Dec

Just wanted to say hi. I'm almost 25 weeks now and due my second baby on 30th Dec. I have a little girl already who is almost 14 months so I've not had quite as much time to post this time round but really enjoyed chatting last time.


  • Hello, welcome. I'm due 31st but hoping for a slightly early arrival!
  • Hi Pam,

    Congratulations. How are you getting on with a little on and being pregnant?

    I find it hard enough with work and me! Would like a sibling for bump at some point not sure how I'll cope next time!

    Mooomin x
  • Hi and welcome! I'm due on 1st December and have a little boy who is 15 months, its exhausting isn't it! Do you know whether you have a pink or blue bump? X
  • Hello and welcome to DID image
  • hi everyone,

    lovely to meet you all. I'm having a blue bump this time so will be nice having one of each. It's definitely more tiring this time round having a 14 month to look after too. I've been on crutches since 16 weeks too as have very bad spd. Had this first time round when I was on crutches from 18 weeks but hadn't anticipated how much more difficult it would be looking after a one year old learning to walk when I'm unable too! We're getting there though at least we both walk at the same pace :lol:


  • hi and welcome . My pink bump is due the 15th :O) I have PGP and can't magine what it must be like having that and a wee one to look after! xx
  • Congratulations, I'm due on 29th Dec, second baby also. Can't wait now well excited image
  • Hiya,congratulations on your blue bump! I am having a yellow bump due on 2nd December, we already have twin girls, who will be 4 on New Years Eve.

    Jo xx
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