We've not got long left now, its all starting to seem a bit real and a bit more scary..... randomly not fussed about the birth bit more coping with a little one when it arrives.

I noticed a couple of bits of discharge that looked like parts of my plug today. Tiny but has started me thinking it could be any day! Only 39 days until due date and its likely I'll be induced as I've got gestational diabetes (controlled by diet at the mo) and they dont want little one to get too big!

How is everyone? Anyone else symptom spotting?

Mooomin x


  • I'm symptom spotting but unfortunately in a way where I don't want it to happen yet, i'm hopelessly underprepared and baby still breech! Getting another scan next week to check position then the manual turning and csec starts getting talked about, really don't want a section. I'm doing moxibustion at the moment, anybody got any stories about turning or breech birth (good or bad, I don't mind!)
  • Hope it works for you. I'm not entirely sure my little one is head down had been all pregnancy but about 2-3 weeks ago some movement hurt a lot and since then my bump has changed shape. Have a scan in 2 weeks so will see then!

    I really dont want to be induced, ideally little one will be cooked and happy to come out early.

    Good luck with the turning.

    Mooomin x
  • im breech too!!! getting my scan next week so will see what happens! its so uncomfortable coz his head is right under my rib so cant sit forward! if he is still breech at my scan (37 weeks) then im going to opt for a c-section as heard the turning thing can quite hurt and has a less than 50% chance of it working! plus some things can go wrong and you may need an emergency section!!! guess if i need to have one i would rather it be planed and not rushed and stressed!!!
  • Hey everyone.

    My litle man is oblique he is laying diagonally, i have to see midwife in 2 weeks @37 weeks to see if he has moved if not they will try to turn him. Not sure how this works is it done in hospital just incase it doesnt work? I have heard its very painful too. Both my others have been head down from as soon as they started checking.

    Good luck all. XXX image
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