Nearly there.......

Hi ladies

Just wondered how everyone is doing now its nearly December?

I had my last ante-natal class today and h2b got to come with me (he was bored though, typical man!) I've started to have some cramps the past few days too a bit like period pain so I'm hoping for an appearence from baby soon.


  • Hiya,

    When are you due? Having cramps must feel really positive if you are due soon, lucky thing image

    Im not due until dec 24th so mostly my cramps have been just for fun!hehe!

    I dont know about you but I am sooooo ready to meet my baby now, starting to get a bit impatient! Nearly finished all the washing tho so at least im being productive image

  • Oh I'm looking forward to the baby arriving now, that's for sure! I've never felt so tired, tetchy and heavy in my life, but I can't complain too much image
  • Hey all.

    Sooooo excited and sooooo ready to pop now its unreal. Only 2 weeks and 3 days for me. In so much pain with the SPD i can barely walk some days and turning over in bed is a millitary opperation!

    According to my midwife his head is so far engaged she can barely feel it so she thinks i wont be long.

    Cannot wait to see what he looks like.

    Good luck everyone done forget to post when your bundles arrive.

    XXX image
  • I'm due on 6th Dec. Really looking forward to my last day of work tomorrow, haven't really felt that tired until this week. Babys head isn't engaged yet though image. Come on baby let us meet u.
  • how is everyone doing, i had my c section confirmed yesterday, and was weighed by the hospital coz of raised bmi. they were very pleased with only 3.9kg weight gain in 8 months. hopefully when i come out of hospital i will be lighter than when i concieved. i have 3 weeks on monday til section date and now i have finished work i dont mind waiting a little.
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