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My (huge) baby is here at last! Long post but funny!

At 2.20pm on wednesday 14th December my little man (or actually not so little) made his grand entrance into this world.

Labour for the most part was really good until I let them break my waters to speed up my contractions! Mmmmm only problem then was they came so fast then between 7cm and fully dialated i got utterly exhausted and had no energy left to push.

My lovely midwife bless her didnt know what to do with me when I had a proper tantrum telling her I could not push I was too tired and i wanted a c-section right now! She hurried of to get her senior who laughingly told me I was gas drunk (which is hilarious as I have never been properly drunk in my life) took the gas and air away which left me mortified and told me I could have it back if I sat on the birthing stool (a torture device if ever ive seen one!) and gave her 3 good pushes.

My poor husband bless him was stuck between a rock and a hard place knowing the midwives know there stuff and me begging him to make them listen.

3 pushes later however they could clearly see the head and thankfully they controlled my pushing and deliverd him very slowly so no stiches were needed. This became a miricle however once they weighed him 11LB!

I had to stay over night so they could monitor his blood sugar levels and no kidding every hospital employee came to see the huge baby!

Listen to your midwives ladies and have faith they know what they are talking about!!!

Good luck all from a much lighter Janet XXX


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