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Had my scan!!

So I had my scan yesterday afternoon thinking I was 6 weeks. The doc only found an empty sac measuring 5 week 3 days. She said as I normally have about 32 day cycle this was just right. Anyone else experierenced this? I keep reading people have seen the heartbeat at 6 weeks so worrying myself! Have another scan in 2 weeks so hopefully things will progress. Also EDD is now new years eve, mine and OH's 4 year anniversary ???? xx


  • Am sure everything will be fine hun. My friend had a scan at 6 weeks and they saw one heartbeat and one empty sac- but she has two happy babies who are 7 months old so that empty sac became her daughter. xx
  • Hi lisaann. Try and not worry. This is perfectly normal given your longer cycle and later ovulation. In a couple of weeks I'm sure you will nave a healthy little hb to be seen x
  • Thanks ladies, a friend of mine went through the same thing but couldn't see anything at all, a week later all was perfect. It's nice to have a bit of reassurance image xx
  • I should be 10-11 weeks and I had mine two days ago and I has an empty sac that measures 8 weeks. Now I'm waiting to either miscarry on my own or go in for a D&C which I'm booked in for on Friday. This is a living hell waiting for my baby to leave me. Even if my dates are wrong there was nothing there and you should be able to see something. This was my first. I have to wait so they can scan my again to make sure but I know deep down its gone.

    My GP doesn't see what the big deal is!! I really wish this was over so I can move on x
  • Kiki this Is due in December 12 so I don't think you will get many responses, I am so sorry for what you are going through. You sound strong though and you will be announcing a new pregnancy in no time! All the best.
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