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I heard the heartbeat!

I had a MW appointment today and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time! I'd seen it flickering away on the scan but it was so amazing to hear it!! It's all starting to feel a bit more real now image

Hope you are all well and getting fatter like me image


  • yey, sounds wonderfull. I cant wait to hear los hb. Am only 14 weeks though so have to wait another 2 weeks until MW appointment. How fast was it going and do you believe in the old wives  tale about speed of heartbeat? x

  • Congratulations hun! I've got my appointment in two weeks so hopefully they'll listen for my Gremlins heartbeat although, due to my weight, they may wait til I'm further along. xx
  • I had a mw appointment today and heard the heartbeat! i also didnt think i had a bump but when i lay down on the bed the midwive was feeling my tumy and just went " how can you think you dont have a bump? look down!" and i did and right enough there was a wee mound! haha! image soooo happy! today has put a major smile on my face! and im measuring at 16 weeks ( just under 16 weeks) and im only 15 weeks 3 days! image she also made me feel where she was feeling and i could feel the bump image soo happy! she says its just below my belly button image  xx

  • Aww that's great anonymous - it's so exciting! Bluestar - it was going pretty fast - I don't know the old wives tale, what is it? x

  • ive been googling aparently theres no studys to prove if it would be a girl or a boy image guess we will have to just wait til our 20 week scan! image xx

  • I think if its over 145 its a girl. I don't really believe it but then its. Fun to indulge in guessing, esp if your not finding out the sex x
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