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any movement?

Goodness! It's oh so quiet in here! Anyone feeling anything yet? I've started have fluttering and the worlds tiniest patters . Am amazed! It's so early. With my ds I was well over 20 weeks when I first felt movement so real surprise its so early this time. How's everyone keeping in general? 15 + 5 x x


  • Hiya Blue_xstar

    Im Also amazed how quite it is in here ,i check everyday thou lol,i think im feeling movements very small amour and some day none at all.I felt movements Really early with DD2 about 14 weeks and asumed this would be the case with this one.On a plus got my 20 week scan on the 18th july cant wait to see id its pink or blue.Im 17 weeks 5 days x
  • Wow my 20 scan seems so far away. It is! I will be 21 and a half weeks when I have it! Are u def finding out? So exciting.isn't it x
  • Yes im gonna find out this time ,im soooo excited x
  • Did you find out with your others? We didnt with ds and I dont think we will this time but there is part of me dying to know NOW!!!!

  • I've not felt anything yet but this is my first pregnancy and lots of people say it's common not to feel anything yet (I'm 16+1). Also I'm plus sized and there are mixed reports online as to whether weight can affect when you feel movement. xx
  • Dottys bird its not common to feel anything estuary in first pg so def dont think anything of it. I was past the 20 week mark with ds. Not sure abt the weight theory I was a lot bigger with ds so maybe there is some truth in it bit don't think it would make a big dif though x
  • Not felt any movements or flutters as yet and I am 18 weeks.  Looking forward to feeling the first movements though!  20 week scan in 10 days time.  We won't be finding out (although I am pretty inpatient and the next 20 or so weeks will be challenging for me not knowing!).  Nice surpise at the end of the 9 months though! x

  • I didnt find out sex with DD1 but did with DD2 and i will be finding out the sex of this one x
  • I've not felt anything yet (15+5) but it is a bit early. Can't wait tho image x

  • I have been feeling movements from between 13/14 weeks and for the last week or so am gettin lots of proper kicks (18+2 now) and can see my belly moving when it kicks... oh has been feeling kicks too! Mainly happens when I'm in bed or just resting!! I have also been gettin braxton hicks since 14 weeks which can be uncomfortable at times!! Xx
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