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Iv got it !!!!!!!

Hi ladies and lovely bumps. Iv finally managed to buy my buggy of friday and i love it.In the end we went for the silver cross 3d pramette in black.How many of u have got your new wheels and what did u get xx


  • Big Yey! I love that pram and is the one I secretly oggle. They just look so cosy for winter! .we are sprucing up ds's quinny buzz _ new seat units and carry cot. Surprisingly cheap to done on eBay. I wanted new one. Dh put foot down. Still am happy with the new colours and bits so its fine x
  • I Wanted the quinny buzz.I had it with dd2 but thinking she was the last i sold it and there just way to expensive now xxx
  • They are so bulky though. If I could have changed it I definately would !! As my parents bought the full package dh said it seemed a little ungrateful just getting a new one because I no longer liked the colour . To be fair he has a point hence the replacement of seat covers etc.  Still want yours more lol x

  • Very exciting Fizz! I love the SIlver cross 3d - def one I would have considered if I didn't need an all terrain, they are lovely looking and look so comfy. I've got a Maxi Cosi Mura 3 - the shop are storing it for me so that the guarantee doesn't start too early but I really want to go and pick it up! 

  • I want a silvercross elegance I have the silvercross linear sleepover at the moment and am going to sell it! I did have th 3D and personally didn't like it got rid of it. After a couple of months but that was when they first came out n think they have changed since then xx
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