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17+4 & Light Bleeding EPAU Scan tomorrow.


I am currently 17+4 weeks and I have had minor bleeding (browny not fresh) I have had babys heartbeat listerned too twice by a midwife & GP since Thursday but they still want me to go for a scan. The bleeding has stopped and I am addiment it was after sex as I had no cramping and the bleeding wasn't even enough to show on a sanitery towel and was only visable when wiping with tissue. I have told them I feel it is a waste off an appointment as Mondays are bound to be there busiest days as they are not open over the weekend and I have felt lots of movements and strong kicking since the bleeding. 

What will tomorrows scan consist off? Will they be able to tell me the sex off the baby? Could there be any other cause for the bleeding?

Thank You.


  • Hi hun, sorry you didn't get a response before your scan. This board is so quiet at the moment. I hope everything went well? Did they find a reason for the bleeding? Feeling baby kicking and moving must be really reassuring! Were they able to tell you the sex? Hope you're ok. We have a facebook group which is quite busy if you'd like to join that? xx

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