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Anyone due december 2012 (MFM)

im due 8th december, finding out the sex in 2 weeks! cannot wait for my little one to be here.. im hoping to have a water birth too! anyone else due december? 


  • Hi yes I am! Am due 9th!! My 4th baby image Was hoping for a water birth but due to youngest being a caesarean am not allowed. Have our scan soon too image

  • yea we had our sex scan found out its a little girl.. image did you find out the sex of your baby?

  • Aww wow congratulations! Weve got ours on the 9th exciting! Partner and other children wnt to know the sex I don't am hoping baby will be sitting with it's legs crossed hha!!! Have 2 girls and 1 boy already so really don't mind. image How have you been feeling? Ive been starting to get some awful aches and pains... Is this your first baby? xx

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