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Babys due in Feb 09 (MFM)

I'm pregnant wit my 3rd baby witch is due in Feb 09 who like 2 talk 2 other mums R mum 2 be due around d same time.

A bit about myself well i'm married 3 yrs i'm 23 yrs old and i hav 2 lovely little boys Max who is jst gone 3 in August and Codi who was 1 in June.

We hope its a girl tis time but if's it's not we dont mind jst another little soccer player.haha



  • hello, i'm lucy and pregnant with my second baby who is due at the beginning of March, so nearly Feb!

    i'm married to Shawn, 27 yrs old and have a little boy called Ben who was 2 in July, we're also secretly hoping it's a girl, but would also be nice for Ben to have a little brother image

    what's your name by the way?!

  • Hi Lucy My name is Sharon.

    My baby is due on the 21st of feb so near the end of Feb.

    My 1st baby Max was 22 months old wen i had HIS little brother Codi as he calls him he is great wit him wen he was born always got his bottle,sother or his nappys and wipes if i need dem told every1 Codi was his brother and no 1 elses and wud'nt let any 1 else touch him or hold him.It was so sweet.

    Der still great wit each other now day jst fight our toys but what boys dont.image

    Its so sweet wen day go all quite and u go 2 c wat der up 2 to find dem sittin on the chair 2gether watchin Mr.Tumbles.image

    Did u hav much mornine sickness tis time round and do u find it a bit diffrent 2 the 1st time.

  • Hey Sharon

    it's lovely that your boys get on so well, hope ben will get on well with our next little one.

    this pregnancy is definitely harder than the first one as i'm working full time, and then have Ben to look after in the evenings, whereas before i was a student so had lots of time to look after myself! although, now i'm 14 weeks am feeling a lot better and have a lot more energy.

    have never been sick during either pregnancy, just nauseous, but not as bad as a lot of ppl. how about you?? are you a full-time mum?
  • Hi Sharon welcome to pp

    Im Emma mum to Riley 3 1/2yrs. congrats on your pregnancy.

    Look forward to chatting some time.

  • Hey Lucy

    Yes im a full time mum.

    I was workin b 4 i had my 1st Max. Took a yr off after i had him wen he was 13 months old i found out i was pregnant again so my self and my husband desided it wud b better if i stayed at home wit the boys coz we wud'nt of be able 2 afford child care 4 2 babys.

    I had very bad mornine sickness on my 1st it was'nt as bad 2nd time round.

    This time i had none at all not even nauseous.

    Had my 1st hospital appointment the other day hav my 1st scan on the 8th of oct.Max can't wait coz he is going 2 c his baby sister as he says even wen i tell him it cud b a boy he gets upset and keeps sayin no its my baby sister in der.

    He kisses my belly every night and says night night baby sis.Its so sweet he will b so upset if its a boy.

    Tats why we are findin out the sex of the baby.

    So we can let the boys know 4 sure wat the baby is and he wont b tat upset if it is a boy by the time its born.

  • hope for max's sake that it's a girl!! not sure Ben knows what's going on, although he did point at me and say 'mummy baby tummy' the other day!

    must be lovely be a full time mum, i work full time, but have a brilliant husband who looks after ben full time - was just a matter of who earnt more..  i've got my second scan on 23 October and we're definitely hoping to find out if it's a boy or a girl. i have to stop myself from looking at baby girl clothes cos i just know it's going to be another boy..

    i'm feeling a lot better in terms of tiredness and nausea now, although can't seem to stop myself from eating everything in sight!

    so are you living in ireland, or are you over in england now?

  • I know wat u mean i went out the other day and cud'nt stop myself buyin a little outfit 4 a girl it is so cute its a little pink dress wit tights shoes and a hat. I also bought a boys outfit aswell jst 2 b on the save side.

    I hav a cuz who is pregnant aswell she is 20 wks now and we hav a bet on 4 wat the babys will b.She tink in will hav a girl and she will hav a boy i tink its the other way around.She has a boy and a girl already.So i can giv the outfit 2 her if she has a diff sex baby.

    It is lovely being at home all day wit the boys but i do get very tired runing around after the 2 of dem all day der always on the move.My husband gets home from work at 5 so he givs the boys der tea and bath den puts dem 2 bed at 6.

    Den we sit down 4 sum ting 2 eat and 2 talk about our day.Den we watch a flim or d.v.d before going 2 bed ourselfs around 9 or 10.

    Codi still wakes up during the night 4 feeds as well he has a bottle wen he goes 2 bed den he is up at 9pm,12am,3am,6,am and den der both up at at. 8 r 9.My husband does the 9 and 12 o clock feeds and i do the other 1s coz he has 2 get up 4 work at half 8.So we hav breakfast 2gether b4 he goes.

    It must b hard 4 u going 2 work and missin out on sum of Bens milestones.

    I hav lived in Ireland all my life der is no site like tis 4 Ireland wer u can talk 2 other mums.Tats why i prefer tis 1.

  • gosh - Codi is still keeping you awake a lot at night!! did you have the same problem with Max? Ben was sleeping through at about 4 months i think, and it only went on that long cos i loved doing the night feeds so much as i didn't see him much during the day! don't know how we're going to cope with loss of sleep again when this one comes along!

    whereabouts in Ireland are you from?? it must be tough running around after the two boys all day, i often think Shawn has the harder job looking after ben. I try to make sure my time with Ben is proper quality time, but often I'm so knackered from work in the evenings I don't feel like playing much! I put him to bed and give him his bath and read a bedtime story which is lovely though, and I really enjoy the weekends with him. We always try and centre our weekends around him when we can.

    it is hard missing some things, but then i wouldn't be able to have  him, or this next one if i didn't have such a good job and provide things for him.. and it's nice that he's so close to his daddy.

    must be nice having a cousin who's pregnant at the same time, i'm the only person i know in my family and friends who's pregnant, so it's nice to chat to other mums on here. i don't get to meet many other mums because i work full time, so am hoping to make the most of my maternity leave next year!

    have you got a little bump yet - and have you felt the baby move??

  • Not much of a bump only put on a half stone so far.Yes i hav felt the baby move felt the 1st moves at around 14 wks but day wer jst fultters den now der more like movement now i had the 1st kick last night.

    My 2 boys are very close 2 der daddy.It is nice 2 hav my cuz at around the same stage as me.

    Max sleep all night from the day really the nurses in the hospital gav out 2 me 4 not wakin him 4 a feed. he was born from 10 at night till 8 the next mornine.

    It jst triering runin around after dem all day.

    My hubby misses the boys like mad durning the day but luckly he was ere 4 Max 1st steps and Codi' he didnt miss out on much.

    Wat bout u any sign of a bump or any movements yet.

    Oh i'm livin in Kildare but was born and reard in dublin.

    Wat bout u do u liv in England and wer bouts.

  • Hi Sharon

    Glad all is going well,in a sense. hope you get the sleeping thing sorted.

  • i managed to see ben's first steps too which was fab.. is Codi eating plenty during the day - or is he just used to the nighttime feeds now?? if i was you i would be trying to stop those asap and maybe speak to your health visitor, cos you need all your energy now you're pregnant!

    am pretty sure i've felt the baby move a few times - had a big kick last night which was very cool! can't wait til they happen more often - seems more real then! i have a little bump, but probably more due to eating too much than anything!! put on about half a stone last time i checked, which was a few weeks ago!!

    we live in West Sussex, near Brighton.. I grew up in Brighton but we've only moved back recently as I went to uni and worked in London and Colchester for a while. Hope to be based down here for a long time now, have a job here for the next 3 years and then we'll see what happens.

    did a road trip around Ireland about 5 years ago now and pretty sure we went to Kildare - my geography and memory are shocking though!

  • Hi irish, I am on my 3rd pregnancy and am due 13th feb with twins this time round lol. I am married with a 5 yr old son and 3 yr old girl. When are u due? How u feeling?

  • hi welshchick, what's your name?? wow - twins! how exciting!
  • Lol sorry lucy forgot to put it, my names corrina, yes twins was a bit of a shock, starting to get used to it now tho dnt think it will completly sink in until i see them in the flesh
  • hi corrina, do you know if they're identical yet or not? and does this mean your bump is a lot bigger already??
  • They have said they are non identical, got my scan on wednesday so i'll be able to find out the sex then, so really excited for that lol. Well i think i'm big, but i have had alot of comments saying i'm not very big considering i'm having twins, which i dnt knw how big ppl want me to go as i'm only a skinny thing lol. Where are you from? I'm from wales. How far gone are you? What are you hoping to have?
  • Hi welshchick.

    How are u I'm nineteen wks gone baby is due on the 21st of Feb wen is ur little 1 due.

    Do twins run in the family  i say it was a shock wen u found out.

    I only found out twins run in my family coz 1 of the twins died wen day wer a baby no 1 in d family new.

    But i'm sure i'm only havin d 1.

    Every1 commets on my little bump as well sum say day wud'nt even know i was expectin if i never told dem and sum say am i sure der is a baby in der.

    Even my huband asks am i sure der is 1 in der coz i was twice the size by tis time on my boys.

    I've only gone up a dress size from a 10 to a 12.

    I hav my scan not tis wenesday next wenesday.Wen is ur scan and wat are u hopin 4.

    Wer hopin 4 a girl tis time.

    Hav u any cravings and how did ur little boy and girl react wen day found out u wer havin twins.

  • Hey Lucy sorry i aint bain on in a while my little boys hav'nt being tat well.

    As 4 u qst yes Codi eat a lot sum days he eats more dan myself he eats more dan Max who is 3.He's weight is 2 stone the same as Max but be cause his is tall der not tat worried bout it.

    Was talin 2 the baby nurse the other wk and she said she is going 2 get a dietatision 2 c him coz he keeps wakin durning the night in case he is lackin in sumting.

    He also has problames wit his back witch he is seen 2 doctors about.

    Altho he dont seem 2 be 2 bad now for the past 3 nights we hav got him down 2 jst 3 feeds a night 1 at 6 wen he goes 2 bad another at half 2am 3am and another at we're tryin slowly 2 cut dem out.

    How are u and Ben.

  • hello! sorry not been on for a bit either!

    corrina - i'm 17wks pregnant - due on march 10th.. we're hoping for a girl, but don't really mind.. am very excited about my next scan which isn't til 23rd October.. i bet you're excited about your scan!! must be amazing having two little ones in there! i'm from brighton and living in west sussex. how do your son and daughter feel about two babies arriving soon?!! i don't have a big bump yet, but there's definitely a little one coming along..

    hi sharon, sorry to hear your boys not been well, hope they're feeling better now.. glad the nurse is looking into why Codi's still up at night.. Ben is amazing when it comes to sleep - he's usually in bed by 7.30pm at the latest and sleeps through til 7am, but generally stays in his bed playing with his toys until we get up! think having this second one will be a bit of a shock to the system..

  • hi irish,

    I due on the 13 th feb, but as i have 2 c sections before n as i'm avin twins they av sed they are guna deliver me at 36 weeks if i havent gone by then, which i'm hoping i haven't lol.

    I have my scan 2moro at 2.00 which has been a long time coming lol. So i shall let u knw wat they are. I dnt really mind what they are i think a boy n girl would b nice as it wld balance the family out nice plus i get to buy pink and blue stuff, I dnt particulary want 2 girls as my 1 daughter is bad enuff lol. But as long as they are healthy thats the main thing.

    I was really worried wen i found out i was preg even tho i had been tryin for 5 months as my daughter is really clingy to me, so i told both kids i was preg n they were both demanding want they wanted lol I sed i dnt get a choice, n wen we found out it was twins, i told them that mummy had 2 in her belly n my son sed that he n his sis cld av 1 each now lol. 

    At the moment he has started to question how babies get in the belly n today he sed that i ate him and his sister thats how he got in there lol.  But my son wants a brother n my daughter wants a sister, so i have sed that i have to wait for the doc to tell mammy wat they are.

    My husbands father is a twin, but i didnt think it wld happen to me as of my other pregnancies bein single, i thought it wld prob land on his brothers, no such luck lol. I was in major shock as wen i found out my brother had just died n i had to deal with that and deal with the shock of avin twins, but am gettin used to it now, dnt think it will truly set in until i c them in the flesh mind lol

    I'm loving vinegar and mint sauce at the mo lol which isnt too good for me. lol

    How are you doing, sorry for the essay lol



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