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Dylan doesn't like ANYTHING

except for being held and walked around or going out for walks in his pram (which is usually ok, I love walking but it's not fun when it is raining torrentially)

I swear, my living room is like Mothercare, he has playmat, I lay him on it, he cries. I lay him on his front, he cries. I bought him a swing, I sit him in it, he cries. I sit him in his vibrating chair.....he cries. I sit him on my knee and cuddle him...yep you guessed it, he cries.

I am feeling like I can't cope, I just can't seem to make him happy, excpet for when I am holding him facing outwards away from me and standing up. This is all well and good but he is a weight and my back is killing. I have tried a sling and he cried !!!!!

He hates going out in the car, he screams and screams and his scream is that blood curdling, it almost sends me wild with destraction !!

He is teething at the moment but he has always been like this, I am at a loss at what to do. He is so different to my DD who loved everything, I know people say you never get 2 the same but for them to be so completely opposite, it is really taking the piss.

I am also worried about his developement. He has rolled over once (one day last week) but because he does nothing but cry when I lay him down, how is he meant to learn or continue how to do it?

I have thought about taking him to the Dr's but I can't see what they can do.

I have never known a baby like him before, I feel like I am constantly walking on egg shells so not to make him cry.

I just don't know what to do :cry:


  • Big hugs to you hun! Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time!

    Have you thought about trying cranial osteopathy. I don't know much about it but a friend of mine went for her first session last week and her baby is like a totally different baby this week. She was amazed by it. If you look up Mrs Amanda and her other topics she went to it as well and was amazed by the results!

    Hope you get something sorted soon. xxx
  • I would second Cranial Osteopathy. Adam went from being unsettled/crying fpr 80% of the time, to being happy/calm for 80% of the time (on a good day anyway! :lolimage

    I can sympathise though. Adam can be really difficult to entertain sometimes. I take him to Gymboree every week - all the other babies love it and he just grumbles or cries!

    Have you tried taking Dylan swimming? Adam is really calm and relaxed in the water, and will happily go to sleep (despite fighting his naps on all other occasions).

    Adam is also a nightmare in the car. He screams and screams, while I desperately chat and sing really loudly in a bid to distract him. My nerves are shredded by the time we get anywhere!

    Oddly enough when Adam is in a fettle, the only way I can make him stop crying is to hold him in a sitting position, facing outwards, while I walk around. It does my back in too! He also hates his sling. Hmmm, did I say he was happy 80% of the time?? Maybe make that 50%!!

    Fingers crossed this is a phase that Dylan grows out of soon


  • hi ladies.

    Since your suggestion mrs cal, i have been looking up cranial osteopathy and i am seriously considering it as an option. I can't find the post by mrs amanda tho. Dylan had a very quick birth (pushing phase was just 5 minutes) and it says this can be a cause. He did use to settle at night and started sleeping thru at 12 weeks but has now gone back to waking once, sometimes twice a night.

    Cath, it's funny, thats exactly how i have to hold dylan when he's crying. He knows too if i sit down. We do take him swimming but atm our local baths is closed for a refurb. He does like it and loves bath time too.

    I am going to look up CO and see where i can get it done. I mentioned it to dh and he wasn't against it (he hates spending money).

    Melissa xx
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