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Hello mummies

Hello mums and bubbas hope ur all well. Haven't been on here in ages! Cnt believe our babies are either 7mths or approaching it. Here's what has been goin on with me and Joseph, I have finally got my PND under control thou still havin sum real bad days wen I struggle with the simplest tasks. But we're getting there now I am on medication. My DS is 7mths in 10days and it's gone too fast. As soon as I get onto a computer I'll update with a picture of him, he's jst too cute lol. He's almost crawling, he shuffles along the floor and as soon as he grabs hold of something he pulls himself onto his feet. I love waking to him standing up in his cot, his morning smile is jst gorgeous!!! He now weighs abt 19lbs and wow he loves his food.

How are all u mums and bubs?

Kelly and Joseph


  • hi hun , great to hear your feelin better .
    our lil ones are growin up way to fast. mia is now crawlin , chattin away an a few other lil things, isnt it lovely in a morning to wake up to there gorgeous smiles xx
  • Sorry Kelly I have been meaning to reply to you too, but I've had a few things going on myself, my dad died recently and it was my birthday yesterday, what a mixture eh?!
    Glad ur feeling better, I always remember u were one of the first to "talk" to me on here when I joined up.
    Harry is still a big boy and was mistaken for 14 months the other day! Great that Joseph is nearly crawling, think Harry's own body weight will slow down his mobility lol! Only joking of course.
    I agree, those first morning smiles are the best!
  • Kelly can he come and show izzy how to stand she is still nowhere near!!!!! Xxx
  • Hey thx for ur replies. Still mean to get onto a computer so I can put a latest piccie of my gorgeous lil prince up. Ricki, sry to hear abt ur dad and belated happy birthday.
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