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sleeping, again!!

Right, help needed!!

Yup, I'm posting about the same thing again, but seriously, it's getting to the point where at night times if someone offered to adopt my daughter I would probably say yes! :lol:

Bubba still wakes in the night, all through the night, every 2-3 hours, she will feed but in the past week hasn't seemed to be drinking as much but I CANNOT get her to sleep, below is what I have tried, any other ideas please let me know because I'm all out of ideas, I'm back at work (albeit only 2 days a week) and I'm nackered!!

- We tried a sort of controlled crying for about a week, she would settle for maybe 5/10 minutes at a time and then cry, this would go on for hours and hours without her ever actually going to sleep for any length of time
- I've tried not talking to her and just covering her up and putting her dummy in, that doesn't work, she just works herself up to a crying eppy that increases in volume
- Tried picking her up, she'll go back to sleep on me but then the absolute second her head touches the mattress to put her back to sleep she starts again
- Tried goodnight milk, she didn't sleep any longer than normal after having it at 10pm

I suppose maybe the last thing left to try is putting her to bed later? She goes to bed at 7pm at which point she is usually tired?

So, what has worked for you, are any of your lo's like this and more importantly do you want to come to my house and sort it out for me whilst I go to bed :lol:


  • Bloody hell Morello you must be knackered! Izzy wakes quite a bit in the night but only for her dummy and so far will go back to sleep after and I thought that was enough. I don't have any real suggestions just to say izzy seems to sleep better on her tummy and we don't put her down until eight or eight thirty! Also we tend to have noise all the time in our house and I think she likes it! Wish I had a magic answer at times have considered leaving the dogs to handle it after all nana did a good job in Peter pan! Xxx
  • You too huh??? I am having exactly the same trouble with Sam. Although on the whole he's ok from his bedtime (7.30/8pm) until about midnight . after that he's waking up every 2 hours. I have dropped his 2am feed so now we just have a total nightmare between 2 and 4 when i feed him again. when i do feed him then (i'm breastfeeding still) he will only feed for about 2 mins and then he's fast asleep. he'll go down then for another hour or so, usually waking some time between 5 and 6am when i give in and bring him to bed with me. he sleeps for a bit and then from about 6.30am until 7ish he just kicks me and stuff till i get up and give him breakfast!! I actually thought i'd cracked it because about 10 days ago he actually had a really good night but has all gone down hill from there... oh, thand there's the little angel now, right on cue... hopefully we'll get some advice from somewhere!! x best of luck x x
  • thats just like mine Rollonfeb!! wakes at 5.30am every morning (there's absolutely no light coming into her room) when I bring her into bed with me and she will go back to sleep for a bit!

    Every so often she'll have a really good night and I think "Yes, it's true, I am supermum and I have infact cured my own child through sheer grit and determination, and being close to death from no sleep..." only to find she's back to the old ways again the next night!

    At the moment I am trying yet another suggestion from this months weigh in, it goes with the other piece of HV advice which was "oh well, they'll assess her sleeping at her 8 month check, she should really be sleeping longer" hmmmm no sh*t sherlock, thanks for that little nugget!

    Anyhoo, I digress, instead of trying to drop a feed and thus basically starving her (previous HV suggestion) I'm cutting down the amount, we've gone from 7 oz bottles to 4 ozs which appears to be lasting her just as long, I'm going to work my way down to less and less the theory being that she will then be hungrier during the day and get used to taking less at night.

    Tbh when I looked at it lo doesn't eat a huge amount during the day and so I hope this is the answer! image
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