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Lost interest in milk?

Hi again

I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same...

Adam has suddenly lost all interest in his bottles!! He has gone from eating loads every three hours to taking between 3-4 oz every four hours, and even getting those 3 oz down him is a battle.

Oddly enough he will feed fine at 7pm and 10.30pm (when he is sleepy), but has no interest at all in his 7am bottle (time to drop the ream feed maybe?) or any of his other daytime feeds.

I have tried giving him calpol before feeds in case his gums were sore, but this made no difference. Neither did moving him onto faster flow teats. We have not started weaning yet.

I am worried that he is not going to be getting enough nutrients, as some days he is taking less than 20oz.

Any ideas?? :\?



  • Cath I am SO pleased you have posted this (not pleased you are having this problem of course!) because F is Exactly the same. Yesterday he had about 24oz and every ounce was a battle! It has been like this for about 2-3 weeks.

    I stopped breast feeding because he wasn't feeding from me at all but taking bottles ok (well that and because he was biting me). Now I know it was just coincidence that he was having a bottle at the feeds he takes well, like Adam he is fine when he is sleepy. I am gutted I stopped breast feeding for no reason other than the biting which I have heard it just a phase!!

    I don't want to get into bad habits but I have found he feeds better if I sit in a dark room and rock him and sing to him while I am feeding him. I have even resorted to waiting until he is asleep at both daytime naps and bedtime and then getting him up and dream feeding him. I have only done this on days when he has had next to nothing though.

    He has also started feeding every 4-5 hours which means he is only getting 5 bottles a day including his dream feed which I was planning to wean off but now I am worried if I do then he is only having 4 bottles and day and will need to take 8-9oz a bottle to get near his milk intake!

    I am glad someone is having this problem who hasn't weaned though because I was really beating myself up about weaning him and thinking that was to blame. I am even worried about speaking to my HV about it in case they lecture me about weaning!

    Strange question but if for example I put 6oz of water and 6 scoops of formula in a bottle it makes 7oz of milk, does that make it a 7oz or 6oz bottle? I know it sounds pathetic but he is taking so little milk that 1oz per bottle makes a difference!!!
  • Just read your other thread about calpol BTW. The LO I looked after hated calpol so I used to use a syringe (spoon is waaaaay too messy!) offer him a bottle so he opened his mouth then quickly squirt some calpol in and jam the bottle in straight away, he would suck away on the milk oblivious that he was swallowing the calpol too, worked every time!!!
  • It's so difficult isn't it?!

    I just can't understand why his intake has dropped so much.

    I just tried offering his 3 o'clock bottle cold and that didn't help. So made a warm one and he refused that too! So far he has had 9 oz today. I was hoping to drop the dream feed tonight, but if he doesn't take much at 7pm then I'll have to give it to him - otherwise he'll have had next to nothing :\(

    I actually emailed Aptamil to check about the 6oz vs 7oz feed and they said that six scoops of formula in 6oz of water is definitely classed as a 6oz feed, despite it looking like 7oz in the bottle. It makes no sense to me, but I guess they must be right if they make the stuff!

    If you are weaning then I think the advice is to mix formula into the purees and give milky puddings, as all of this will count towards his daily intake.

    lets hop our babies sort themselves out soon!

  • Oh, I just saw your other post - thanks for the tip! Will try that next time! x
  • hello,

    i think our lo are in cahoots! evan has been like this for the past few days, but he's currently being weaned so im not sure if thats got anything to do with it. i've always been confused by the measurements of milk once the powder has been added, so i've always gone off how much water i put in the bottle.
    Evan is exactly the same and takes a bottle so much better when he's sleepy, so im trying to work his feeds round his naps- but it's getting hard work, especielly when im trying to fit in 2 meals too.
    He woke up at 9.15 this morning & i gave him his bottle which he only took 3oz. I put the other 3oz in his breakfast but he didn't eat it all. He then had another 6oz at 11.45, whilst dozing and then another 6oz at 2.45pm. But that feed was a battle and he got upset and sleepy so i managed to get him to take the rest of the bottle & he's now asleep on me!! Im hoping he'll take a full 7oz at bedtime (6.30pm). xx
  • I'm relieved it is not just Adam!

    I called the HV and she was pretty useless - recommended taking Adam to his GP if he continues to be off his food, just for a quick checkup. Her only thought was that he might be too hot! :roll:


    PS *impatient* I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am that your LO sleeps 6.30pm to 9.15!! Adam wakes up at least 5 million times per night (not for food, just for a chat). How do you do it??
  • Hi All,
    The heat makes my daughter lose her appetite. Last 'heat wave' we had she went from taking about 28oz a day to taking about 17oz. I got her weighed and she was still gaining fine. The advice of HV was that so long as she was gaining and still having plenty of wet and dirty nappies then she's clearly getting what she needs.
    She went back to normal and in fact I upped her bottles by an ounce as she was draining them. But now that the temps back up she's reduced her feeds again.
    It seems completely illogical as she should be more thirsty in the heat especially as I can't get her to take water. But she's still doing fine so I'm not worrying this time.
    There have been days where she's gone 7 hours between feeds and thrown a right wobbly if I try to 'force' her to drink. So this time I'm more relaxed and if she doesn't want it then she doesn't want it.
    I hope you ladies will find that a few days after the temperature drops, their appetites will increase.
    Try not to worry. Just keep an eye on their nappies and get them weighed if you can/want.
  • Ewan has been like this as well. I am dropping the dreamfeed now as he was taking lots at this feed but not being interested in the morning. I figure I may have a few nights where he won't sleep through but that he will soon even out.

    Maybe try dropping the dream feed?
  • hi my lo is the same . im finding it difficult to ad it to food or buy foods with it in as she cant stomach dairy , she does like the soya yogurts , but apart from that it is so hard to get 20 oz into her aday
  • Well I am pleased to announce that *touch wood* we appear to be out of the other side of it. It has taken about 3 weeks and the temperature dropping a bit but today he left an oz of his first feed, drained his lunch and afternoon bottles and left an oz of his bedtime bottle. Just the dream feed to go and he will have had 28 oz today. Thank god!
  • Hi, my son is goin thru the same phase and he us nearly 7 months. I'm thinking it's because he's so busy trying to play/crawl/talk egg that food is low down in his priorities. He's been eating food well so far so that might add to it too. 

    I wouldn't worry and I'd  say it will be a phase plus they probably make up for it over the period of a week

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