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Baby massage

Just wanted to say for anyone who hasn't tried it yet that it is wonderful... to be honest I was a bit dubious, especially as lo doesn't like to lie still for long. Had my first session today and he loved it!!! It didn't relax him though... made him more energetic which was great as he got lots closer to rolling over afterwards and he loved the section on his tummy.

Best thing I have done with lo so far by miles!


  • I have been wanting to do this for ages but the course has been really over subscribed. I was really upset last week when I hadn't got on it again.

    I mentioned it to my health visitor and they are coming to my house tomorrow to show me how its done. I am so excited x
  • am waiting fr my clinic to call me with dates and times for the course as me and joseph have managed to get onto it... supposed to be starting sometime this month
  • We started yesterday, I really enjoyed it and LO seemed pretty chilled - though I think it was because she was nosing at the babies next to us!
    It definitely relaxed her though as when I put her in the car seat and walked round to get in the car myself, looked in the mirror and she was already asleep! Bless her.
    We're doing a 5 week course at our local Sure Start Children's Centre. Bargain at just ??1 a week!
    I agree that it's well worth a go
  • I did a baby massage course a while back (when baby was 8 weeks). It was a free course with my local sure start centre. My ds loved it and I still use the techniques when getting him ready for bed. It was really good fun too x
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