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How do you get anything done now they are mobile?

Now that the pickle is more active I am finding it almost impossible to get anything done. When she was younger she had bad colic and needed to be held all the time (which I loved) and my house was a tip and now that she is rolling and shuffling (no crawling yet!!) my house is still a tip as she wants to be entertained argh we have a jumperoo which she will go in for short periods she hates her swing now and I use the bouncer for my shower any tips gratefully received!!!!!!! She only has short cat naps during the day am trying now unsuccessfully to get her to snooze arghhhhhhh!


  • front room= jumperoo
    kitchen = highchair
    upstairs = cot bed

    she is pretty much used to me dumping her in one or other of these things now lol, she has a strap on piano type thing on her cot which is only switched on when she is up and I put toys in there which entertains her for a bit, the same with the highchair, I strap bits to it or put on her tray and put toys on it? I'm lucky in that she still has the same naps she has always done, the afternoon is usually at least an hour so i do stuff then? She is commando crawling and I have to watch her like a hawk if she's on the floor so I can sympathise!!
  • I'm actually quite glad Emily isn't on the move yet! She is quite happy to just sit on the floor and play with her toys! She gets frustrated on her tummy so isn't making any attempts to crawl! She is starting to climb if she is close enough to an object (or me!) and she will pull herself up. So I don't think she will be a crawler. I had to lower her cot the other day because she nearly took a nose dive over the side!

    She was never a roller either, so she usually stays where i put her - at the moment!

    I have got it quite easy at the moment! :lol: xxx
  • I have the same problem! LO is commando crawling and into EVERYTHING! He also has a great memory and even if I move something out of sight he'll just go and find it! We are having a steep learning curve about objects that might appeal to a baby - basically anything he can get to!! It was so much easier when I could leave him on the playmat and he'd still be in the same spot when I returned! Now I can't leave him for more than about 30 seconds!!x

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  • I have a jumperoo plus a wee chair with a bar with toys over the top in the living room and we have a baby walker in the playroom, highchair in the kitchen and cot bed upstairs. We go from thing to thing in the day and when i can sit with him he lies on the floor!

    It only gets worse when the try pulling themselves up and start walking!!! Tip, dont encourage crawling or walking!!!n lol

    Gemm x
  • DS is not crawling yet but still manages to get around. I very occasionally put him in his cot with the lights on and loads of toys. He never does that and only ever goes in his room for bed so it has enough novelty factor to buy me 10 minutes if I need it.
    He has just woken up and I can hear him over the monitor banging his dummy against the bars of his cot, he loves playing in there!!
  • I have had this problem for a while now. My ds started crawling at 5 months and at 7 months pulls himself up against anything (cot, sofa, kitchen cupboards etc) and can walk with support from his walker. It is a nightmare as I can't leave him for a second. I put him in his cot (which is now on the lowest setting) when I have a shower and he is standing up trying to throw himself out of it when I get out. Its the same on a morning as well. I had a terrible period when he first started crawling when I just couldn't cope as he was everywhere, a complete little monkey, but I've baby proofed our living room now and am just used to watching him like a hawk constantly. Even as I write this, I am keeping one eye on him as he is currently trying to bash the tv screen. And I guess when he starts walking it'll get far worse, am dreading the supermarket trips. I used to look down on those parents who had their kids on leads when out shopping but now I see its such a good idea lol!!
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