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Lucky, lucky, lucky!

Bit of a pointless post but Ewan rolled from back to front (very slowly) for the first time today and amazingly I had my camera to hand... I have photos of every stage of the roll! Feeling very lucky to have caught that one! image:\)


  • yay! clever Ewan image I've got a video of Emily's second roll - unfortunately she was just out the bath so is naked! Her wee bum is so cute in it though! However it is a video only shared with family, not going on facebook! :lol:

  • LOL - it's a good thing I didn't video this because it did take a while. He stopped on his side to have a play with one of his toys before carrying on! I have some fab smiley pics of Ewan with no clothes on (again not going on facebook!) - he seems at his happiest when I strip him off... only time I can get him to smile for the camera because he thinks it is hilarious to have a kick around with no clothes on! Boys!
  • WEll done clever Feb babies

    Gemm x
  • yeahhh clever boy. xx
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