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Still really unpredicatble?

I was just wondering whether anyone else's LOs were still really unpredicatble, particularly in terms of night feeds and morning wake-ups?

Every time I think Adam has settled into a pattern it changes!!

He has gone from waking once a night (3am) and sleeping through til 7am, to waking up starving at 10/11pm and waking up for the day at 5am! Obviously his wake-up time then determines what time he goes down for his naps, so no two days are the same. I don't mind being flexible, but it makes it really difficult to make plans... :roll:

Is it just Adam?? Or are any other babies still a bit unpredicatble? He is recovering from two consecutive bouts of sickness, so that might be having an impact...



  • I'm not going to lie, we're pretty much in a routine now, she naps at the same time every day (give or take half an hour probably) and goes to bed at the same time every night. In terms of night waking she wakes at pretty much the same times every night for a feed (every 2-3 hours), after about 6.30am she pretty much wants to get up but will doze and whinge on and off until 8am ish?

    I will say though that she did have a different sleeping pattern until 14/15 weeks where she was sleeping 4-5 hours, on the odd occasion 6 hours, it was great, oh for the good old days lol :lol:

    I wouldn't worry though hun, every child is different and i'm sure Adam will find his groove? Just out of curiosity do you put him down for naps or wait for him to sleep? I've never really done forced naps so to speak, lo just found her own pattern in the end and now sticks to it and I just go with the flow?

    I know it must be frustrating if you can't plan, i'm not going to lie though, if I have something planned that conflicts with nap time then nap time is out the window i'm afraid, she sleeps in the car or pram and I go and do what I need to do and she naps later!

    None of that is probably any help lol image
  • ditto! I was just thinking about this today! Emily went to bed last night at 7.30pm and woke up at 12.30am, 4.30am and 7.30am for feeds! I am exhausted! She used to only wake once about 4am, then she had the mammoth growth spurt and woke every four hours. For the last week or so she had gone back to wakening once a night, now she seems to be going back to the 3/4 hourly feeds!

    I am going to speak to my hv today to see if it could be a sign that my milk just isn't enough for her. I really don't want to fully wean yet, but might consider offering a little porridge or something to see if it makes a difference.

    I feel like a zombie these days!

  • Me too LB!!

    Adam doesn't wake for feeds after 11pm, but does wake up for a winge, chat etc and wont settle himself back to sleep unless I get up and shush him! Zzzzz...

    Morello, I am very jealous! I have never done forced nap times (Adam wouldn't let me :lolimage, but Adam is always sleepy about 2-2.5 hours after he last woke up. So if he is up for the day at six, he'll be ready for a nap at 8.15, if he wakes at 7am then he's up til 9.15...

    Adam is suddenly really hungry too - taking 8-10 oz per feed! I assume he is ctaching up on the 5/6 weeks when he was poorly. If it continues, I'll probably introduce one meal a day at 5 months.

    Oh well, I keep telling myslef he'll get into a pattern one day...hopefully before he leaves home :lol:

  • We are roughly in a routine although it works for a few days then goes off slightly. My main problem is dealing with the other kids round about the baby, and just general life. We had visitors on Saturday so he was a bit late being fed at 6pm ish so fell asleep quickly but he hadnt had enough milk so he woke at 4am hungry, then he sleeps later coz he's just been fed!!!

    I try and feed him at the same time every day, usually about 7-8am when he gets up, then he naps about 9-10am ish for half an hour, then i feed him about 11am then just put him in his pram for a sleep. It doesnt always work, but i try and make sure he has an hour or 2 at lunchtime. If he hasnt slept long its a pain coz he needs another nap around 4ish then hes later going to bed at night,

    I must say tho, Arran is a great baby, he's really contented and happy. He sleeps most nights from 7-7, and if i think hes maybe not had enough through the day, or has been in bed early, i wake him at 10pm and feed him then i know he will be ok

    There are always variables with babies and even if you follow a strict routine, they poo at the wrong time, or sleep less or longer. It always changes, but you just need to do what you need to do

    Gemm x
  • Hey, yes isabelle is still unpredictable to a certain degree but like you cath its what time she wakes up and feeds to what time she naps during the day, To be honest i just go with the flo with her and do whatever she wants. Yes i am tired of still doing maybe 3 night feeds but it wont last forever ( i keep telling myself this lol). My first dd was like clockwork but she was bottle fed and i am still breast feeding isabelle so im just taking it how it comes. Personally if i was you i would just plan your day and let adam fit in with it you can always take bottles and nappies wherever your going. Isabelle has to fit around may oldest so i just take nappies and boobs and off i go i will feed wherever i am if she is hungry and if she has to wait 10 mins then so be it.

    I wouldnt worry to much hun unless you want to get him into a strict routine it may be worth introducing some water to offer if he is feeding to much.

    Hope this helps you are not the only one xx

    ps ladybird how did you get on with the HV? x
  • You're not the only one... Ewan is all over the place with when he has naps, bottles, sleeps etc - I just have to go with the flow and hope for the best. I hope he'll be into some sort of routine when I go back to work when he reaches 6 months.

    Can't offer any advice, sorry, just to say that I'm in the same place.

    The one good thing about it is that I don't need to worry about being at home at particular times etc, I just go out and about, taking what I need and Ewan fits in with us mostly, sleeping in the pushchair or car seat.
  • Well the hv just gave me loads of reassurance that Emily was getting everything she needed from me and to try and stick with it for as long as possible. She explained that as Emily gets bigger she will obviously need more milk, my supply might just be taking a little longer to catch up. Apparently the first few months of weaning are really just a learning process for baby, they still get all their calories from milk, so weaning doesn't really give them any extra calories. The hv was really good and supportive. I am just glad I have such good support, i am sure i would have caved and started weaning early (against my better judgement) if i didnt have the support.

  • good to know LB as the HV says it all makes sense they are just feeding more for a while to make more milk and im sure it will settle down again as it always does it just seems like a lifetime of no sleep!! xx
  • im so glad this topic was brought lo has always fed on demand and now feeds every 4 hours ish..i am able to go out and do bits and bobs as he will feed anywhere etc..but i think i almost became a bit obbsessed with trying to get him into a routine..and the more i tried the less he co-operated :\) if he had a good night then i would go thorugh everything we did that day and try to do exactly the same the next day...then when it didnt work i felt like we were going backwards..we still try and have a bath most nights with bottle and bed..sometimes he goes to sleep straight away and other times he stays up.. i am now just going with the flow..and admit, that he is after all only four months still and we are on one big learning curve...i hope all you ladies and babies are well xxx
  • I have done the same Pistachio! I keep his days as consistent as possible (feeding every 3 hours still, with the aim of moving to 4 hourly once he's caught up from being poorly). I have tried to replicate days which were followed by 'good' nights, but with no luck.

    I have been up since 4 this morning, listening to Adam thrash around his cot and growl! He didn't want feeding, just wanted to practise his noises I think. I can't see this one ever sleeping through, and I'm exhausted!! xx
  • Cath, you are not alone, Dylan isn't anywhere near a routine despite me trying EVERYTHING I can to get him into one. I have now got to the point of thinking "why bother" like Kirsty&Macey, I am just gonna go with the flow, if he sleeps thru, bonus, if not, well, so what.

    Dylan is the same tho in terms of naping, it depends what time he wakes up for the day. I have also found that if he doesn't sleep at tea time, he'll sleep at 9pm till 11 pm, if he does nap at tea time, then he is awake until 11 pm.

    So different to my Daughter who was like clockwork, sleeping thru from 6 weeks and would nap for hours !!!

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