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Daytime naps?

Just wondering how many naps your LOs have and for how long? I'm demand feeding my LO (16 weeks old) and thought we were finding a vague routine but he just doesn't seem to want to sleep in the day any more - or at least not reliably. He might have 45 minutes in the morning, up to an hour early afternoon and maybe 45 mins late afternoon (which is not ideal as its near his bedtime), but this is not every day. It has suited us to a ceratin extent because I've felt I can go out and about with him and not worry too much about nap times but am concerned that recently he's been shattered by bedtime. I know all babies are different but most of the books I've read seem to expect them to have at least one longish nap at this age - usually in the middle of the day. If I put him in his room and he's not tired he just cries and I eventually have to get him up. How are your LOs doing?


  • Imogen is different every day. Some days she won't sleep much and will be very cranky by night so she goes to sleep at 7 not 8, other days she will have 20 minute cat naps every 1-2 hours and other times she will go from 10am-12pm and i wake her up and 3ish-5ish. So everyday really is different xx
  • Arran has a nap about 9-10am ish, usually for about half and hour, then wakes for a while. Gets fed about 11-11.30 and goes down for a nap. I try to get him to sleep for a couple of hours but its usually more like 1 to one and half hours. Then he often naps about 4pm ish for 15 mins. If at lunchtime its been after 2pm when he woke up we usually miss his 4pm nap and go to bed early

    Gemm x
  • Adam usually has four short 40-min naps a day, or two longer naps with a cat nap late afternoon. He can normally stay awake for 2 - 2.5 hours from when he last woke up.

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