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Baby rash

I've been in a right pickle since yesterday. At about lunchtime yesterday i noticed some spots on Arrans legs and within no time they had got more like a rash. I was out and i headed home and got my OH to see what he thought. I wondered if it was the heat or because i'd just fed him and maybe was leaning funny. Anyway, we got a glass and rolled it over and..... it stayed where it was!!!!

I took him straight to the doctors who said that without worrying me, it was the sort of rash that they do panic about however did i feel that he was ill? I did think he was a bit out of sorts but not ill. He told me that because he had no other symptoms to go home and keep a close eye and if anything changed like the rash spread or his temperature went up, to go straight to hospital.

He has thankfully been fine,but ive been constantly watching him. Both my bigger boys were in hospital with one thing or another by the time they were 1 and i'm sure at some point Arran will too. I just really hate that responsibility of deciding if they are ill, but i guess that is what mummies do

Hi rash is still there and i really dont know if it should fade, or what the time scale is for it getting worse? I guess i will watch him constantly till it goes away

Gemm x


  • Hey Gemm,
    How is your LO today? I've just seen this and thought what a horrible position to be in and that if it were me, I don't think I'd leave LOs side for keeping an eye on her!
    I hope the rash has gone and your little man is feeling well?
  • Thanks MummyJackson. He still seems ok but the rash is still there. It hasnt spread tho so im just keeping a close eye on him. He has been coughing a lot but nothing else. Fingers crossed its nothing and will go away

    Gemm x
  • Hope that nasty rash goes luv, and hope little man is ok. xx
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