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when can we give petit filous etc

Hello everyone,

I decided today was the day to start the weaning journey and have ordered two annabel karmel books from mothercare! So far izzy has had porridge for her breakfast and rice for lunch and seemed very happy now i was wondering can we give petit filous or not and when as we are visiting some friends next weekend and i am not sure what to take food wise for little one or how to transport it (oh god sorry this is another question!) fortunatly the friends we are visiting have a baby boy and the mum is soooo helpful - she came to our rescue quite a bit at the beginning - so i am going to drive her mad too!

Any suggestions desperatly recieved and sorry for typing dd not sleepy so lying on floor in the dark typing as qiuetly as i can but can't see properly and big furry baby keeps shoving his head in the way xxx


  • hi hun , wen u feel ur lo is ready, and take with you wot every your feed lo and i just usually stick it all in her changing bag in there own packaging xx
  • you shouldnt give petit filous until LO is 6 months. dairy or wheat before then can make them ill.
  • We've given them to Evan for the 1st time 2wks ago - so he was 24wks old. He has one of the little petite filous after his lunch and then Rachels organic yoghurt after his dinner. It says they are suitable from 4mths. x
  • We aren't weaning yet but I remember with ds1, just the normal ones were suitable from 4 mths, but the ones with the separate fruit bit & the choc flavoured ones were 6mths if I remember correctly.
  • i give George petit filous, he is 23 weeks today. He started on them at the weekend and has one a day.
  • i give lo muller little stars fromage frais which is from 4 months i think, thats why i plumped for it but i dont see any reason not to give petit filous
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