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How many cubes of food are your LOs eating now?

Just that DDis still only on two cubes!! She eats a fair amount for breakfast, either a big bowl of porridge or one weetabix. But for lunch and dinner she has two cubes plus something, maybe toast or yoghurt for example. We are down to three milk feeds a day, very occasionally four if she really cries for it so it's not like I'm over milking her!

I know you just go at LOs paces am not worried but just for comparison (not actually a comparison but can't think of a better word!) how many cubes do your LOs have at each meal?


  • Hi hun!

    Emily's usually has 5 or 6 small ice cubes - about one of those tommee tippee tubs and a yoghurt or 4/5 cubes of fruit. Although that totally depends on what i am feeding her and if she likes it!

    She is also (just) down to three milk feeds a day too.

  • i feed mia on jars so i dont no in cubes, but she has a full savory jar and a yogurt for her dinner and 2 full jars ( savory and sweet ) for her tea . shes also down to 3 milk feeds aday to xx
  • Harry had 6 cubes of cauliflower for lunch, plus half a packet of Heinz cook at home cheese sauce followed by a yogurt, but def looked like he could take more. If he's having jars it's probably one savoury and then one pudding jar or a full fruit pot. He has 3 8oz bottles a day, but will sometimes leave 1 or 2 oz
    He really is big boy though, so might not be a good comparison anyway.

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  • Hiya, Sam doesn't seem to be a very solids hungry baby ...
    He has 2 teaspoons of porridge (or half a weetabix) with one cube of apple puree for his breaky and then 2 cubes of something like broccoli/cauliflower and sweet potato puree (Annabel Karmel) for lunch and 2 cubes of something else vege for tea followed by a yoghurt. He is yet to finish it all. if he really doesn't seem to want it i'll try toast with jam or cream cheese or just steamed broccoli or carrot or something. I also give him a bread stick with his meals. I also offer him a rice cake mid morning and he can normally manage half. I am still breastfeeding through the day - early morning, mid morning, lunch, early afternoon, late afternoon, bed time and then midnight/2/4/5.30!!! I know something is wrong with all this but he's putting on weight - at his last weigh in at 28 weeks he was 19lb (on 75 centile line still) so i'm not too worried. He will be 7 months on Thursday. What bothers me more is the lack of sleep. i'm going to try sleep training soon... image
  • Rebecca is more jar fed but goes something like this....breakfast small bowl of porridge, lunch is half a slice of bread made into a sarnie with cheese spread followed by a fromage frais and dinner is a stage 2 jar (big one) followed by a fruit pot! I think rebecca's greedy, but were only on 2 bottles and she's maintained 50th centile for about 6 months now!!!

  • we are pretty much on whatever we are having so i just give him a bowl full and see how he gets on. If he has the small jars at all he scoffs a savoury one and a sweet one and usually wants something else!!!

    We had fish fingers, potatoes and peas the other day and he loved it!!!

    My HV told me to just give him what we eat so thats what im doing now

    Gemm x
  • All varies then! I have just started DD on three cubes plus desert which suits her for now! I will just follow her pace, my friend was saying the other day that her 10 months old only has 5 cubes in a whole meal and she is healthy enough!
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