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whats everyone doing!

Nancy is still in her moses basket next to our bed, i have to admitt i love having her there, but i dont think she be able to stay in it till shes 6 months as shes getting really long.
where is everyone elses bubs sleeping?

And i know this is probley stupid but Nancy is now 19 weeks old and weights 17lb 4oz, this is bigger than both my others at this age my dd1 was 15lb 15oz and dd2 was 16lb. Do you think this is large? Health visitor said its ok shes on the 91st centile which was what she was born on at 9lb 1oz!!

thanks ladies, and hope all of you and babies are well.


  • We only have a one bedroom flat, so Adam is in his cot in our room. He outgrew his moses basket at 11 weeks as he is so long!

    We are hoping to move soon (flat is on the market) and Adam will go stright into his own room when we do. I think we'll all sleep much better!!

    As for weight, Adam was just over 15lbs when he was weighed at A&E this week (17+2). He has dropped from the 91st centile to the 50th through being so poorly for the past six weeks image
  • i bought a crib the other day as lo was getting too big for moses basket and I don't want to put her in her cot bed yet, its the size of Noah's ark!! lo only weighs 13lb 3ozs at 16 weeks, she was born 8lb 6 and has started dropping down the centiles so is being weighed again Monday ;\)
  • Emily has been in her own room since about 10 weeks. She kept waking up with my hubby's snoring or with me talking in my sleep! lol. I love being able to put her to bed and not disturb her when i go to bed later at night. She was 13lbs 10ozs at 17 weeks and is on the 50th percentile. She started off on the 90th when she was born (8lbs 15ozs) and was down at the 25th, then last week she jumped up to the 50th after her mammoth growth spurt image She is still on the 90th for height though.

  • hi funshine, my ds has been in his cot now since he was 7 weeks old...he out grew the moses basket real quick, but to get him used to being in the cot we put the moses basket in the cot for the first couple of weeks..if that makes sense.. i wouldnt worry bout his weight at all...ds is 17 weeks and he weighs 18lb 6oz..he was born at 9lb visitor is really pleased with him..he just very long x
  • Harry has been in his own room for a couple of weeks now as he was just too big for his Moses basket.
    He was weighed at 16weeks on Tuesday and was 19lb 11oz!!
    He has always been big though so we knew it wouldn't be long till he had to go to the cot - which wouldn't fit in our room.
    I miss having him with us, but we're all sleeping better now x
  • Arran is 19 weeks now and weighed 17lb about 2 weeks ago. He sleeps between our room in the moses basket and his own room in his cot bed. I was putting him in own room at 7pm then when i got him up to feed him at 10pm i would take him in our room. By the time he gets fed im usually too tired to get back up to take him back so would just put him in his basket. Now that im not really feeding him at 10ish he quite often slleeps all night in his own room.

    Out of my 3 kids, he has been in our room the longest by miles!! DS1 lasted 3 days and ds2 about 5 weeks. I've never had a moses basket before and always used my carrycot and i'm sure
    Arran would have been away to his room long ago if i didnt have the basket!! Mind you, im so used to having him there now i dont want to let him go!!

    Gemm x
  • Sam is coming up to 17 weeks and was 15lb 15oz at his 16 week weigh in and has been constant on 75th centile since 4 weeks (was 50th at birth - 7lb 1oz). He grew out of his moses basket at about 10 weeks as he was waking himself up by hitting the sides with his arms so he's now in his own cot by our bed but im thinking of moving him into his own room as i'm waking up at every wimper and thrash about! Having said that, i'm still bringing him into bed with us every morning by 5am and some nights much earlier so that i can sleep a little. We are still up breastfeeding every 2 hours round the clock so any sleep i can get is welcomed!! Ooh, and a tooth started to poke out last week!!
  • Alfie's 16 weeks & still in moses basket in our room. There's pleanty of room in there still too but he's only small 10lb 3 when he was weighed last week and has yet again dropped off the centile chart completly.
  • DS is in his cot but still in our room. I havent had him weighed for a month as I really detest the health visitor and her judgemental comments if she doesnt like something or we are not following gov guidlines.........I feel every child is different and shouldnt all be put into one category, what works for one might not for another. Ds was way above the 90th centile then so I doubt theres much wrong!!

    Anyway back off my soap box......ds is rolling over when he feels like it, hes is super alert and loves watching people,things and anything that moves lol expecially noisey things lol like diggers!!

    He sleeps most nights but being a typical male, when he is hungry he wants feeding within 5 seconds or we know it lol lol

    He chomps on everything, whatever moves or is in reach it goes in his mouth...including wanting my mobile or tv remote lol.

    He smiles at everyone, BUT nothing beats that good morning smile I get first thing....and its allllll mine lol! And he chats away and is hilarious with the facial expressions he pulls...he can wiggle his eyebrows like nothing ive seen before lol lol

    He is so steady when sitting up, i still hold him of course but I shouldnt think it would be that long before he is doing it on his own..arrgghhh growing up so quick!

  • I'm lucky as I can fit lo's cotbed in my room so he is sleeping in there at the moment. He didn't outgrow the moses basket as such but the weightof his head seemed to be denting his foam mattress so I preferred having him in the cot from about 12 weeks.

    As far as Nancy's weight goes, she is obviously doing great and following her centile line which is what matters - not whether a baby is big or small (I hate it when people go on about how fantastic their baby is because it's on the 98th centile, grrr!!! My baby was born small and would look a bit odd being on 98th centile for weight since he is only on 25th for length lol). Ewan was 13lb 5oz at 15 weeks, hovering around the 25th centile line, which is what he was on at birth. He is sometimes above and sometimes slightly below the line, because it seems I definitely do not have a baby who wants to follow the 'manual' lol! Going to get him weighed again tomorrow. Like I said, all that matters is that they don't gain too quickly or slowly, not which line they are on.
  • Dylan is still in his basket in my room, he still fits in it, just though and the cotbed won't fit in our room.

    He was 17 weeks on sat and I had him weighed the day before. He weighed 14lbs 11oz. He was following the 91st centile but has dropped to the 50th and is now following that. This is normal for bf babies so not worried. For length tho, he was on 50th and is now on 91st !!!

    Melissa xx
  • Isabelle is still in our bedroom in her crib she has miles of room and im not moving her yet as she still feeds about 2-3 times a night and i cant be bothered to keep getting up lol ! Plus she rolls over so much and cant be bothered to go the other way back but she cant roll in her crib haha!!

    She was 14lb 6oz last week at 18 weeks so doing well think she is following her 50th centile line nicely and always has on weight and height xx
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