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How time flies by...

Hello ladies.
Not been here recently, lack of time! but hope you're all doing good with your babies. Abi will be 16 weeks on sunday which is pretty amazing still feel like it was yesterday. She loves standing on her feet now loves chatting with everyone, giggles sometimes (makes me wanna cry i'm so proud) her character is coming out now as well i know she's going to be a very independent little lady. Just thought we could share the pictures and see how much they've changed over the last few months.


that's 2 weeks ago with my mum holding her

hope it all works



  • Aww she is gorgeous! I feel like every day as a mummy is just getting better and better. I am exhausted but i don't care! lol. Emily is a proper little mummy's girl just now and is a wee giggler as well. She always has a smile for anyone who talks to her so of course they then say 'awww' which she loves! She is a little charmer!

    Here she is trying to work out how to use the jumperoo:

    and playing hide and seek image

    L and Emily - 17+1 and 4 months yesterday!
  • beautiful babies ladies, being a mummy definatly is the best job in the world and worth every sleepless night.
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