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New Highchair/feeding pic's

This is Charlie after demolishing lunch!!!!!


  • ahh thanks hun, hope your all doing ok xx
  • Charlie is so cute!

    Here is a recent-ish one of Adam. I love his super-wide mouth and look of intense concentration...

  • cor he wanted what was on that spoon!!!! he's so gorgeous xx
  • I'm always amazed by what he eats! I'll be gagging on the smell of his poached cod puree but he will demolish it!

    I have only found one thing he doesn't like...rice cakes!! Sensible boy! :lol:

  • Loving the pictures and it just shows how quickly they are growing up! We have just sold izzy's all singing all dancing highchair which cost the earth and she hated and have borrowed my mums much cheaper one which she likes so mealtimes are no longer stressful - thank god! Xx
  • Livron and Cath - they are gorgeous!

    :lol: cath, Emily doesn't like rice cakes either! I hate the smell of them and they get everywhere so i am really quite pleased she doesn't like them!

    I don't have any recent highchair pics, I don't get the chance to takes pics now, she wants fed very quickly! She also doesn't make as much mess - not as many funny photo opportunities! :lol: x
  • Going to try and get some up to date photos of Niamh in her high chair. I will have to get DH to do it though. She only makes a mess with me. You can't tell she has eaten if DH has been feeding her lol
  • :lol: we are the opposite Mrs C, Emily doesn't make much mess with me but hubby fed her the other day and gave her a yoghurt goatee! He actually 'drew' it on her face! :lol:
  • LB - I hate the smell of rice cakes! It was even worse when I was pregnant. There was a woman at work who kept a packet on her desk and ate them CONSTANTLY...I had to check where she was sitting every day and sit as far from her as possible!
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