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FAO Cath

Hi love,

Just a quicky re the continuing car seat saga....!

I went to have a look at a rear facing seat this morning that is suitable from birth to approx 4 years (all rear facing) to see whether it would put DD in a better position (as it had a recline feature) and unfortunately when they fitted it in my car it didn't recline far enough to tip her back so far that he head wouldn't flop forward (IYSWIM!?) but was an absolutely great seat that we'll definitely be getting for when she outgrows the infant carrier.

So anyway, asked the lady in the shop what she would suggest and she showed me how to fit the maxi-cosi safely without the isofix base (which puts her in such a better position - almost lay down). TBH its easier than I thought and now I know how to do it safely I think I'll follow the shop assistant's advice and fit it like that for long journies when she might want to nap. I quizzed her a bit about isofix v seat belt safety and she said unless you roll you car they are both as safe provided the seat is fitted correctly. Oh and we took the head hugger out completely which helped a tiny bit.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo I think that after all that I'll going to keep in her seat and the isofix base for short non-napping journies and just fix it in with the belt if she needs to be asleep.

sorry for such a long ramble just thought I'd keep you posted!


ps - feel SO much better now I've spoken to someone who knows what they're talking about, I was losing sleep over this!


  • Hi MN

    Thanks for the update!

    We also figured that the roll thing wouldn't work with the Isofix base and had come to the same conclusion - not to use the base for longer journeys. Which annoys me, given we paid ??80 for the base and ??90 ish for the car seat! Grrr.

    Can I just ask why you're keen to keep LO in a rear facing seat when she is older - are they safer? I had hoped to get Adam into a forward facing one asap, but wont if they are less safe...

    Thanks! image

  • hi hun,

    it is massively annoying isn't it - I didn't even consider whether the Isofix base/maxi cosi infant carrier were the right thing for us as it seemed like the one everyone got and did well in safety tests so I just sort of went with it.....never even crossed my mind that my stupid sports seats would cause a problem...

    anyway, re the rear facing thing. I've been doing a bit of research on car seats due to the floppy head issue and it looks like they're loads safer for kids up to the age of 4. In Scandanavian countries it is illeagal for a child under 4 to face forward in a car due to how much safer it is for them to face rearwards in the event of an accident. It's basically to do with them being thrown forward in a crash and where as we might end up with whiplash the relative size and weight of a small child's head increases the risk of serious injury. I've probably missed out loads of important points so have a look on here and see what you think....

    when I spoke to the lady in the shop yesterday she said rear facing seats are now becoming more popular in the UK but they're still relatively unknown to a lot of people.

    The one we're going for is this one

    not cheap but apparently the safest one out there


  • sorry to gate crash

    may seem like a really dumb question but what happens to their legs when they are in rear facing carseats after their legs hang over the edge of the car seat?

    I have a vision in my head of the legs being behind their ears lol
  • Hahahahaha its a good question Mrs C, I thought that when I first read about them!!

    Have a look at the link above for the seat we've chosen - there are some pics of a bigger child in one. Basically the seat in quite high and sits away for the actual back seat of the car so they sort of hang over the edge of the baby seat in the normal way (I've probably explained that really badly haven't I!?!) Have a look at the pics - it will make more sense than me!

    I was also a bit worried that because it takes up a fair bit of room it wouldn't fit in the back of my car (BMW 1 series) but it was fine and the woman said she'd even managed to fit one in the back of a Yaris before!!

  • MN, that is really helpful, thank you so much!

    I didn't realise how much safer rear facing seats were. We'll definitely be getting one now!

  • you're welcome sweety. One of those random things that you'd never hear about unless actively looking! xx
  • Thanks for this - I will definitely be having a read when I get 5 mins x
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