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My Loooooong Birth Story

thought i would post he to so dont lose this when the due in feb closes will try and keep this as short as possible as dont want to bore everyone

after 5 failed membrane sweeps it was decided i would go in on sunday 13th to have my waters broken, i called up that day at 8am to be told they were busy and call back at 10am, im sure the stress from this helped as when i put the phone down i started getting some pains, we finally got to go to the labour ward at 11am where i was monitored for over 2hrs due to zac being lazy and refusing to wake up so when i got a contraction his heart rate dropped instead of rising, luckily he woke up and everything started going as it should do, we had a midfife change over then and i ended up having a fantastic midwife who i went to college with many years ago, im positive that it was her, my boyfriend and my best friend who gave me the strength to have the birth i did.

i had my 1st iv drip of antibiotics for group b strep then she examined me and i was already 6cm! so she broke my waters and it turned out i had grade 2 meconium it was real bad so the peadatrician had to be buzzed as he would have to be there for delivery and not just for after, when i got to 8cm i decide to have gas and air, im so proud of myself that i actually turned down an epidural and managed to laugh all the way to 9cm!

when i got to 9cm the midwife said i hit the transitional period where i lost control a bit and so asked for pethidine, she decided to give me half a dose and as soon as she put it in i said i needed to push, she said i could if i really needed to but i was only 9cm and zacs head was nowhere in site so i gave one big push and she was like omfg theres his head which had us all laughing.

she told me at the start that she thought everyone was wrong and he was going to be a lot bigger then 9lb 9oz and that she may have to drop the bed and do some manouver to get him out luckily i didnt need that but i had to litterally just blow through the contractions so they could wiggle him enough to get a shoulder out it only took 5 pushes and some wiggling and 15 minutes to get him out and i didnt tear at all much to the midwifes surprise.

he came out head to toe in yellow poo they said from the start he pooed like a 3 day old baby he never had the black stuff or anything and they wasnt sure why, zacs airways were filled with meconium to and is was such a scary time as the suctioned him etc as he was very blue, luckily it didnt take long to sort him and was shocked by the size when they put him on me, they already guessed he was at least 11lb and the biggest my midwife had deliverd was 11lb 4oz so zac was now her biggest at a whopping 11lb 5oz

this was my best ever labour and really enjoyed it all and was even more special that i got to share it with my best friend also, she cried a bit and said she felt a bit helpless at times but her and my boyfriend really helped me keep it together and also over the next few days which i can never thank them enough for

i had planned to breastfeed zachary but him blood sugar was so low and he was dopey from pethadine that he had to have a bottle to help get it up asap as it was only 1.2 turns out he also had a tounge tie which didnt help (he had this cut at 2days old ) he then was taken to neonatal for a canula in and antibiotics, he had to be taken there every day twice a day for antibiotics for the group b strep he also had to have his blood sugar checked before and after every feed as it kept dropping

when zac was 3 days old they said we could go home then at the last minute they said no as a blood result came back bad i was devastated and yet again he was taken away to neonatal to have the canula back in and antibiotics again

(sorry this is a bit and jumbled)

this is the 1st time i cried zac had been through a lot already and we still were not at the end, he had a lumbar puncture after a few days for meningitis and that came back satisfactory (they sais he more then likely had this to) if they hadnt took this other blood test by chance i could of ended up taking zac home but what horrified me the most was that he could of ended up seriously ill and even died, it makes me paniky now even though he is well but that will stay with me forever.

my little man is such a toughnut though and so laid back in his 1st 10 days he had: 47 heel pricks 9 of which they has to draw a full blood test, his tongue tie cut, 3 canulas put in, 25 lots of antibiotics, 3 injections and 5 venus blood draws and a lumbar puncture and he rarely ever cried

im so glad we are home now zacs thyroid is very high but hopefully his blood rezsults next week show they have settled so we can cross that off his list, and also his testicles are concerning the peadatrician they can only feel 1 which wont come down but hopefully that will settle in time

to end on a happy note we are actually breastfeeding now at day 3 zac was tring to eat away at my boob lol and was getting very frustrated so decided to let him have a go and he practically lept on he is like a little pro and loves it and he certainly goes against what everyone says as he has a dummy and also has bottles to, as i sometimes express to give me a break but he doesnt care as long as there is boob juice (daughters nickname haha) in it as he hated formula, i surprised myself to as i really enjoy the closeness it gives us after everything

well i think thats my story i have probably missed things out as still a bit scatter brained im just so glad we are finally home and my little man is safe and well x

Kelly and Zachary James Lyndon 14 days old xxx
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