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He doesn't sleep!


My first slept through from around 7 weeks and before that he fed at 11pm, 4am and then up at 7/8am. This little man has obviously decided I had it too easy the first time!

He's feeding - bottle, aptimal- every 2.5/3 hours during the day and taking about 3/4 oz at a time. This seems an awful lot to.

Whenever he does settle, he grunts and strains and wiggles. I don't think it's wind because he brings that up well and is having Infacol. He's 'regular' to, so I don't think he's constipated.

I am knackered! DH works nightshift, so I'm doing it all and then DS1 is up before 7.

Any advice? What could the grunting be about? He's started doing this during the day to, HV suggested water- which I had been doing anyway. Google suggests it's normal, but no remedy for it! He's 3 weeks and 4 days.

So sleepy!


  • Lilia seems really uncomfortable when she is lying flat on her back, I prop her up on my feeding pillow and wrap her tightly in her blanket. She seems to like the security of having something around her head and being wrapped so she cant move. It is the only way I can get her to sleep as if I lay her on her back she wakes after 10 minutes. Some people do suggest laying on their side or belly. I know there is a lot of controversy regarding cot death but I'm up for whatever helps my baby rest easily!! Lxx
  • Hiya,

    My DD has also started making these grunting and straining noises. She's 4.5 weeks now. I also thought it was wind and she was having infacol (which was making no difference what so ever!) I saw the HV yesterday and she said it's normal for them to make these noises as they 'find their voice' and in a few weeks they will turn into more of a cooing noise. It's obviously not causing her any pain though as she doesn't cry at all image

    She's also feeding about as often and having as much formula as your little one. She's a bit of a porker and has put on 2lb in the last 2 weeks!!! LOL


    x x x
  • Thank you ladies!

    Well, the straining has calmed down so I'm putting it down to 'one of those things'

    He does like to be wrapped tightly and I'm pretty relaxed about which position he sleeps in (2nd time Mummy with a sensor mat!) so if the grunting starts again I'll give it ago. He's still waking every 2 hours to feed,so I htink I'll up his feeds to 5oz, see how that works for him. He's a wee pork pie!xx
  • Hi, my 9wk old daughter has done these straining noises from birth, always worried me, but reading here has put my mind at ease now thanks.. Defo must be lower wind trapped, she never like her legs laid flat when putting her down.. Just tried putting a folded blanket under her legs to relieve the strain on lower tummy.. It's seemed to of done trick, she's sleeping peaceful now!! Hope this helps any of you sleepless people, worth a try.. image
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