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February is Here!

Well girls, we've made it to the month that our babies 'should' be born! Congratulations to the early Feb arrivals that are already here.

How is everyone feeling now?

I'm really enjoying being pregnant at the moment, but have a cold and cough :cry: So I'm hoping I get chance to recover a bit more before baby arrives. I think I need to be feeling at my best to get through labour!

I can't believe my baby is due next week!!!! image


  • Woohoo seemed like this month would never arrives and now the weeks are flying by!!

    All ok here 6 days and counting until I am a mummy V scary but exciting!! xx
  • Wow MrsM that must be so exciting knowing when you're going to have your baby!

    I'm on constant alert at the moment so every twinge etc I'm thinking 'ooh, is this is?'!!!

    I'm just hoping I don't go too much overdue (if at all) as I think the suspense would be too much for me! I guess baby will arrive when he is good and ready image
  • G/C from due in July, I am so excited for you all. I love reading baby arrival stories so please let us all know when you your budle arrives and give us details, it keeps us pregnant ladies going during the 9 month wait! image

    Good luck and enjoy the experience!

  • I can't believe it's Feb already! Seriously.. Where did it come from!? I still have 18 days till due date. I'm doing ok so far, starting to feel a little impatient and already dreading the thought of going overdue! I want him to be a Feb baby but there's a chance he could make it into march. Hmmm.. Hope he doesn't keep us waiting too long!

    Good luck to all the Febbies!! image

  • cant believe its come so quick all though im getting the feeling im gonna be one of the last lol goodluck everyone xxxxx
  • I can't believe how fast february seems to have arrived either!

    Still not sure if i'm more excited or nervous, although not about the birth, i'm nervous about what happens once we come home and are left with this little person to look after image

    Bubs isn't engaged at all yet, mw said they usually like first babies to be getting engaged by 36 weeks, and they used to refer you to the hospital if they weren't (?) but as there's not much to be done if bubs isn't engaged they don't bother anymore. I've been bouncing away on the ball, scrubbing floors, and sitting back to front on a dining chair, which are all supposed to help. Back there at 39 weeks to see if they've made any move towards the exit :lol:

    Can't wait for all the BA's to start rolling in!

  • I can't believe it's February already too!! Although saying that, I have a feeling my baby will be late, and will be born in March.

    We are currently renovating our house, and it's a race against time to get it finished, so at the minute I don't mind the thought of her being late. I'm not sure I'll be saying that in a few weeks though :lol:

    Good luck to everyone image

  • it's still 3 weeks to go for me...i'm back at uni now so unfortunately don't have much time to pop in here. but i'm glad we r all feeling wellimage) i'm hoping the baby will stay in till next wednesday as i have to do experiment at uni on tuesday and than i'm readyimage
  • Well only a few Feb babies seem to have put in an appearance so far!

    Only 6 days to go for me now, but I have a feeling that baby will be late. Seeing midwife tomorrow so hopefully she'll tell me that everything is ready to go and it won't be long.

    Looking forward to hearing your birth announcement after tomorrow MrsM and Millipop! image
  • I had my little boy on 06/02/2012 xxx

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