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Question for anyone who's had a baby in December/Early January..or their own bday is then

I am now onto my 3rd month of trying for baby number 2, but am a bit unsure about trying too hard this month as I always feel a bit sorry for people with a december birthday (particulary as I would be due about 3 days after christmas).

What does everyone else thing about this?

Does it not really make a difference?

Thank you for your replies.



  • my sons birthday is the 13th jan I think at the end of the day it doesnt relly matter kids get the presents they want and as long as you prepare money wise for the birthdays those months and christmas. We usually get my son presents and ask for vouchers from people so he can have stuff in the summer too! ITs a manice time as my husbands birthday is dec19th and mine on feb 19th image
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